Saturday, April 7, 2012

Legally Free Nero Software

Company Nero does not require introduction. It is considered as one of the best providers for the disk burning utilities. However, for many people, familiar with this company’s products, the fact that there is a free version on the market, will be a pleasant surprise.

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Issued in 2009, the freeware version of Nero contains simply data burning and disc copying features for CDs and DVDs. This is a special tailored version, but this is Genuine Nero software, it is not trial version, and it is absolutely free one. If you don’t need any special effects for MP3s or movies and seek for software for basic burning purposes, but with high reliability, quality, and operational speed, then this is application for you.

NOTE: This version changes the default search engine for web browsers and Offers to install ASK toolbar, so while installing Choose “Install Nero without the Ask Toolbar” option. Yes, after 2009, Nero has updated their free offering, releasing versions 10.0.105 / Lite. But I am NOT presenting these versions here, and do NOT recommend installing them, because it installs ASK Toolbar WITHOUT offering users the option to uncheck it, so you have NO option to reject the kind offer to alter your browser settings.

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