Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Process Hacker - easy manipulating processes and services on your computer

Process Hacker is a free and open source process viewer. This multi-purpose tool will assist you with debugging, malware detection and system monitoring. It includes powerful process termination, memory viewing/editing and other unique and specialized features.

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Key features of Process Hacker:

  • View processes in a tree view with highlighting.
  • View detailed process statistics and performance graphs.
  • Process tooltips are detailed and show context-specific information.
  • Select multiple processes and terminate, suspend or resume them.
  • (32-bit only) Bypass almost all forms of process protection.
  • Restart processes.
  • Empty the working set of processes.
  • Set affinity, priority and virtualization.
  • Create process dumps.
  • Use over a dozen methods to terminate processes.
  • Detach processes from debuggers.
  • View process heaps.
  • View GDI handles.
  • Inject DLLs.
  • View DEP status, and even enable/disable DEP.
  • View environment variables.
  • View and edit process security descriptors.
  • View image properties such as imports and exports

  • View thread start addresses and stacks with symbols.
  • Threads are highlighted if suspended, or are GUI threads.
  • Select multiple threads and terminate, suspend or resume them.
  • Force terminate threads.
  • View TEB addresses and view TEB contents.
  •  (32-bit only) Find out what a thread is doing, and what objects it is waiting on.
  • View and edit thread security descriptors

  • View full token details, including user, owner, primary group, session ID, elevation status, and more.
  • View token groups.
  • View privileges and even enable, disable or remove them.
  • View and edit token security descriptors

  • View modules and mapped files in one list.
  • Unload DLLs.
  • View file properties and open them in Windows Explorer

  • View a virtual memory list.
  • Read and modify memory using a hex editor.
  • Dump memory to a file.
  • Free or decommit memory.
  • Scan for strings

  • View process handles, complete with highlighting for attributes.
  • Search for handles (and DLLs and mapped files).
  • Close handles.
  •  (32-bit only) Set handle attributes - Protected and Inherit.
  • Granted access of handles can be viewed symbolically instead of plain hex numbers.
  • View detailed object properties when supported.
  • View and edit object security descriptors

  • View a list of all services.
  • Create services.
  • Start, stop, pause, continue or delete services.
  • Edit service properties.
  • View service dependencies and dependents.
  • View and edit service security descriptors

  • View a list of network connections.
  • Close network connections.
  • Use tools such as whois, traceroute and ping

Compared with Process Explorer, Process Hacker:

  • Implements all of the functionality offered by Process Explorer, plus more advanced features.
  • Allows you to see what a thread is waiting on.
  • Has advanced string scanning capabilities, as well as regular expression filtering.
  • Highlights both relocated and .NET DLLs.
  • Shows symbolic access masks (e.g. Read, Write), rather than just numbers (e.g. 0x12019f).
  • Shows names for transaction manager objects and ETW registration objects.
  • Shows detailed token information, as well as allowing privileges to be enabled and disabled.

You may choose to download standard installer or portable version, not requiring installation, from the website links.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Zback - backup and synchronization tool for Windows

Zback - general purpose backup and restore utility with many options. It allows synchronizing files and directories, for example between hard drive and USB drive or synchronize two computers via USB drive.


- portable - no installation needed - just unzip to any directory on a fixed or removable drive
- there is also version with installer available from homepage
- works from USB stick, does not write to the registry
- backup/ synchronize to local drives or network computers (LAN)
- Unicode support for foreign characters in file names
- support for files larger then 4 GB
- copy modes: update files, refresh existing files, mirror source to target, synchronize, dated backup and restore
- filter files based on extension, size, date, subdirectories, only new or existing files
- keep multiple versions of backup files
- include/ exclude specific directories
- preview and execute operation
- automatic generation of batch scripts for routine backups
- simple, manual, batch or command line operation
- single batch script may contain many backup and sync jobs
- scheduling for batch operation - you may set job repetition interval and auto-run when overdue
- verify copied files
- for easy access, you can make Zback desktop icon from Options tab
- drag and drop support from Windows Explorer
- small size
- personal freeware.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

CollageIt – Freeware for Making Photo Collages for Windows and Mac

CollageIt is an easy-to-use photo collage maker for Mac OS X & Windows, which makes collage automatically. In a matter of seconds, this collage software can turn any ordinary photos into impressive collages.

Main Features

Automatic, Easy to Use and Powerful

  • There is no need to make any manual adjustments since this collage editor can create photo collage automatically with just a few mouse clicks. It is easy enough for the users of all experienced level.
  • WYSIWYG—Real-time preview with high speed.
  • Great capacity can accommodate a handful of photos up to 200.
  • Diverse types of photo collage can be created and A1 size or even larger size is available.

Various Collage Templates to Choose

  • Choose the collage layout with various collage templates or create picture collage on Mac OS X & Windows with blank one.
  • Many kinds of pre-designed templates included, users can select a style at their will.
  • Various collage layouts can be found in the templates.

Customize Photo Collages Freely

  • Set page size and collage background to meet your needs.
  • Easily design your picture collages with variable parameters provided, such as photo count, photo space, page margin, rotation and sparse.
  • Photo frames and shadow added for decoration.
  • Cropping photo is available so that the photos in the collage can fit well into the chosen collage space.
  • “Random Layout” can continuously generate all kinds of collage layouts in seconds by just a click.

Share the Collage Anywhere

  • Save the collages as JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD or other images formats and print it out.
  • Send it to family members and friends via Email.
  • Easily set your photo collage as your desktop wallpaper.
  • Share your beautiful collages on Flickr and Facebook.

Freeware Version Limitations

  • Watermark on the collage
  • Splash screen
  • Crop photos tool is disabled.
  • Imposed limit for size of photos.


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