Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Password Dragon - Free, Easy, and Secure Multi-Platform Password Manager

More you spend your time online, more you have to remember different passwords and logins. Yes, definitely, to make it easy, you can choose the same user name and the same password in most cases, but that is not considered safe by the security experts. It is enough for the hacker to get access to one of your logins, and he or she can use it against you in other accounts. Besides, different sites have sometimes different guidelines for the login and password creation, or your favorite user name might not be available. So, to make the story short, you may need to remember multiple logins, which is not an easy task. As, usual, the software is your best friend.

Today we will present one of the good utilities to store all your passwords in one place, safe and accessible exclusively by you, the one who has a virtual key – a single password to remember.

Main features:

* First of all it’s free. No strings attached. Password Manager does not contain any spyware or ad-ware.
* The application is very intuitive, user friendly and easy to use. Does not require training even for not very experienced user.
* Files are encrypted with very secure BlowfishJ algorithm. You need to remember only the master password.
* This the multi-OS portable utility. It works on Windows, Mac and Unix as this is written in Java. No need to be installed on a hard drive and can be launched directly from USB thumb drive. Thus, if you have devices with different Operating Systems, the Password Safe can be used on all of them successfully.
* You may organize all your user id, password, URL, and accompanying notes information in a single file.
* Software is highly configurable – you may store additional information using the 10 additional customizable attributes.
* Program is available in multiple languages.
* Copy User Id and password to clipboard in one click.
* Built-in random password generator and useful password strength indicator.
* Data files are automatically backed up for increased security.
* Programmed application Inactive timeout, locking the software automatically, if not accessed for particular amount of time.
* File Locking Facility
* Launch URL from the application. You may either choose browser for URL launch or use system default browser.
* Records can be grouped using user defined categories.
* Import and export capabilities. You may export all/selected records to text, HTML, or XML file, and equally import records from the text file.
* Advanced records search and sorting capabilities.
* Configurable interface to match your preferences.


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Developers’ website: http://www.passworddragon.com/

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