Thursday, August 21, 2014

Listen and Record Pandora Music with Free Software

Pandora is one of the best streaming services nowadays, and having the appropriate desktop client will significantly enhance your experience, removing the advertising, characteristic for the free service option and provide the nice operational interface.

In one of the previous posts, I have presented several freeware desktop clients to you, where the best option is, probably, Elpis, which I actively use myself on a daily basis. However, if you will decide to record your favorite tracks, you will need other piece of software for such purposes.

Saver 2 Bundle is the only package you need to play music, and it instantly get it recorded locally to your Hard Drive. Installation is fast and straightforward, and operation is nice and simple. The software supports Pandora (coming with individual custom client), Grooveshark, Slacker, and a few other services.

As soon as you point out at the folder you want to save the tracks, they will be recorded automatically as the software is active. The different artists are posted in the automatically created separate folders for convenience, images are downloaded along with music tracks, and the playlists are created.

While you get a convenient opportunity to record the music, you still have the same functionality as any other Pandora player – you may like or dislike the tracks, pause, or skip them.

Works great! Recommended!

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