Monday, June 18, 2018

Pandorian - Free desktop client for Pandora with built-in proxy support

Pandorian is a simple & elegant desktop client for Pandora, featuring ad-free listening, unlimited song skips, playback history, proxy support and a host of other features to make your Pandora listening experience stress-free and enjoyable...

Main Features:
·         No advertisements!
·         Unlimited song skips
·         Play back previous songs
·         Seek/ Change play position of current song (Click on song progress bar)
·         Proxy support for unsupported countries
·         Pre-fetching of upcoming song for instant playback
·         Export MP3 of currently playing song when streaming in 192k (press CTRL+D)
·         User configurable sytem-wide Hot-Keys (Right-click on album cover to access)
·         Like/ Dislike songs
·         Block a song for a month/ Tired of song
·         Gobal menu for quick actions and song info
·         Password protected Lock-Screen with album art and song info
·         Minimize to tray
·         Quick song info panel (Hover mouse pointer over tray icon)
·         BPM detection of current song
·         Sleep Timer (Right-click on album cover to access)
·         Volume normalizing with ReplayGain
·         Volume control with hotkeys & slider (Right-click on song progress bar to show)
·         Choose streaming audio quality
·         Supports Free Pandora accounts
·         Supports Pandora Plus accounts for higher audio quality & MP3 export
·         Highly optimized communication with Pandora servers
·         Built-in proxy enabled browser to manage stations using Pandora website
·         See what the app is doing behind the scenes (press CTRL+ALT+L)

·         MS Windows
·         MS .Net Framework 2.0
·         Proxy server account (only if your country is not supported)
·         Pandora account (either free or pandora plus)

Cost: Free


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