Thursday, June 29, 2023

Thunderbird – Free Alternative for MS Outlook


Thunderbird is a free, open source, cross-platform e-mail, news and instant messaging client. The project strategy is modeled after Mozilla Firefox.

Main Features:

1.        Extensible by Plugins/Extensions

Thunderbird can be extended with add-ons, plugins and extensions.

2.        Multiple Account support

Thunderbird support multiple accounts without the need to logout and login

3.        Calendar Integration

Thunderbird lets you sync your tasks and events with your calendar application.

4.        Email Organizer

Thunderbird allows you to take control of your inbox by filtering and control tools.

5.        Dark Mode

Thunderbird supports dark mode for comfortable usage in low light conditions.

6.        Import/Export OPML

Feeds Import and export your feed subscriptions into OPML format with Thunderbird.

7.        Portable

Thunderbird can be used from a USB stick or similar with no prior installation.

8.        Support for Themes

You can use themes and templates to change the look and feel of Thunderbird.

9.        Integrated Password Manager

Thunderbird lets you access all the passwords you’ve saved across your different devices.




Saturday, June 17, 2023

Reface: Mobile Face Swap Video App


See how will you look in a wedding dress and create wonderful AI Avatars using the power of artificial intelligence.


With Reface, you can create unique and entertaining avatars in different styles that are updated every day!

Reface is the top-rated face swap app is also advanced, fun and well-known worldwide. Combined with a daily-updated wealth of source videos, gifs, photos, and pictures, you can make ridiculously realistic face swap videos and gifs with just a single selfie. Reface will absolutely floor you as you morph your face, switch it with celebrities, and become a new person in popular TV and movie clips. Be a wizard or a pop star. Become a celebrity look alike by swapping your face with trending movie and TV clips, or have fun and replace your face with memes using our face editor and face morphing technology, as people all over the world enjoy Reface as a hilarious meme maker.


Wait, what is faceswap?

Faceswap technology is more than just face swapping. With Reface's faceswap, your selfie is mapped onto another face in an eerily realistic way, with convincing facial expressions and movements that truly look like you. Use our face changer to see what it's like to have your face in starring roles, famous videos, and more. How do we do it? If we told you, we'd have to kill you, but know that the results are absolutely astonishing.


"If you want to show your friends and family some sincerely cursed GIFs, consider giving this a try. We're not responsible if they dissociate from you."- Mashable


Faceswap yourself

Ruin reality. Freak out friends. Mess with mates. Paste your face onto your favorite superhero, TV star, celebrity, or meme gif, and share it on social media or with friends as a video, photo, or gif. Change your gender, morph faces, and perform advanced face swap face merges with our state-of-the-art face changer, then share your creation with the world and blow their minds.


Here's what you can do with Reface:

- Swap your face to celebrities or movie characters with our amazing faceswap technology.

- Play with live face swaps, gender swaps.

- Be amazed by the face changer.

- Share your awesome face swapped clip or funny meme as a gif or video to messengers and social media.

- Try face swaps with new videos and gifs posted every day.



Tuesday, June 6, 2023

SPAM Shredder

Eliminate junk mail and viruses. SPAM Shredder is an anti-spam email client that automatically classifies incoming emails as spam or non-spam. 

SPAM Shredder is a spam filtering software that lets you remove spam emails just from the mail server without pulling them down into your Inbox. Spam Shredder does not download the entire message. It is much quicker than using your normal e-mail program which will have to retrieve the entire message including any attachments. SPAM Shredder ensures the efficient and easy control under incoming emails, thus helping to save your time and money! Applying the SPAM Shredder allows to determine up to 99.9% of spam emails. SPAM Shredder is a powerful and comfortable email client with effective spam filtering and good privacy and security protection.

SPAM Shredder is a public key email encryption client that automatically encrypts all your messages.
It's a fact that when you communicate with email in the usual POP3 form, Web-mail, or even via SSL, your messages can be intercepted, read, changed, and counterfeited by others. Now there is a secure way to communicate over the Internet. There is an email client that fully protects your correspondence from prying eyes. SPAM Shredder, designed with modern military level cryptography, securely protects all transmitted data.

Upgrades: Upgrades are free.

System requirements: All Windows.

Algorithm: SPAM Shredder uses the AES (128 bit keysize)
                and El Gamal (1024 bit keysize).


Wednesday, May 10, 2023

KDE Connect- Freeware, Linking you Mobile Phone to your Computer

 KDE Connect is a free and open-source software that bridges the gap between your desktop and mobile devices. It allows you to seamlessly integrate and control your Android device or other compatible mobile devices with your Linux, Windows, or macOS computer. With KDE Connect, you can receive notifications, transfer files, remotely control your computer, and do much more without the need for cables or additional software. In this article, we will take a closer look at KDE Connect and explore its features and functionalities, as well as how to set it up and troubleshoot common issues.

Benefits of using KDE Connect

KDE Connect offers many benefits, including the ability to manage your computer and phone simultaneously, receive notifications from your phone on your desktop, and share files between your devices quickly. It also allows you to control your computer's multimedia from your mobile device, making it convenient for those who use their computers to play music or videos.

Main Features

·         Integration with mobile and desktop devices

KDE Connect provides seamless integration between your phone and computer. It allows you to control your computer using your phone and vice versa.

·         Notification Syncing

KDE Connect syncs notifications from your phone to your desktop, making it easy to keep up with messages, emails, and app alerts.

·         File Sharing

With KDE Connect, you can share files between your phone and computer with just a few clicks. You can also browse files on your computer from your phone.

·         Media Control

KDE Connect lets you control your computer's media player from your mobile device. You can play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume.

System Requirements
To use KDE Connect, you need a computer running Linux, Windows, or macOS and a mobile device running Android or iOS.

Downloading and Installing KDE Connect
You can download and install KDE Connect on your computer by visiting the official website. For Android, it is available on the Google Play Store, and for iOS, it is available on the App Store.

Connecting Your Mobile Device
Once you have installed the app on both your mobile device and computer, make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, open the app on your phone and click on "Add a new device."

Pairing Your Devices
KDE Connect will then display a QR code on your computer screen. Scan the code using your phone, and your devices will pair. You are now ready to use KDE Connect!

Using KDE Connect to Control Your Computer from Your Phone

Remote Input
With remote input, you can use your phone to control your computer's mouse and keyboard. It's perfect for when you're sitting across the room or just too lazy to get up from the couch.

Clipboard Sharing
Clipboard sharing lets you copy and paste text between your computer and phone. It's a simple and efficient way to move text from one device to another.

Remote File Management

KDE Connect allows you to browse and manage files on your computer from your mobile device. You can also copy files from your phone to your computer and vice versa.

Sending and Receiving Files with KDE Connect

KDE Connect not only allows you to control your phone from your computer, but it also lets you transfer files between your devices quickly and easily. Here's how to send and receive files using KDE Connect:
How to Send Files from Your Phone to Your Computer
1. Open KDE Connect on your phone and make sure it's paired with your computer.
2. Tap on the "Send Files" option and select the files you want to send.
3. Choose your computer from the list of available devices.
4. Click "Send" and the files will be transferred instantly.

How to Receive Files from Your Computer on Your Phone
1. Right-click on a file on your computer that you want to send to your phone.
2. Select "Send to Device" and choose your phone from the list.
3. The file will be sent to your phone, and you'll receive a notification when it's done.

Other Useful KDE Connect Features
In addition to file transfer and remote control, KDE Connect also includes some other handy features for your convenience:

Battery Monitoring
KDE Connect lets you monitor your phone's battery level from your computer. You can see the current battery percentage and get alerts when your battery is low or fully charged.

Find Your Phone
If you ever misplace your phone, KDE Connect can help you locate it quickly. Simply click the "Ring" button in the KDE Connect app, and your phone will start ringing.

Virtual Touchpad
KDE Connect includes a virtual touchpad that lets you control your computer's mouse cursor using your phone's touchscreen. This can be especially useful if you're sitting on the couch and want to control your computer from a distance.

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