Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Gmail Notifier Pro

Gmail Notifier Pro is a Windows application capable of checking multiple Gmail accounts for new mail and display notifications.

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Feature highlights
- Check multiple Gmail accounts, including Google Apps, for new mail.
- Supports both Atom and IMAP protocols for mail.
- Supports customizable themes and individual account settings, making Gmail Notifier Pro the best looking Gmail notifier on the web!
- When new mail or news arrives, a visual notification is displayed and optionally a sound is played to alert the user.
- Read, write, reply, view attachments, mark as read and delete mail without opening the web browser. Supports Google Contacts.
- Integration with Google Calendar accounts gives reminders for calendar events.
- Get news notifications from Google News. Support RSS/Atom feeds to get notifications from any news source.
- Gmail Notifier Pro provides many easy-to-use features and settings.
- Define schedules when to check for mail and display notifications.
- In addition to the installation package, Gmail Notifier Pro can also run from a USB-stick without any installation.
- Gmail Notifier Pro supports automatic updates. A new version can be downloaded and installed with a single click.
- Secure account management and encrypted connections are used.
- 100% FREE from virus, spyware and adware.

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Gmail Notifier Pro is simply the best Gmail notifier for Windows.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Mixmax – Get More from your Gmail

Extend Gmail with email tracking, "send later", polls, more…

Mixmax is a Chrome extension, which extends Gmail with a host of productivity-boosting features.

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* Track, automate, and enhance your emails with the essential productivity suite for Gmail and Google Inbox.
* Track emails accurately
* Set up meetings in an instant
* Save time with email templates
* Schedule emails to be sent later

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Main Features

* Know exactly who opens your email and when. With email tracking, you will know as soon as someone opens your message. Sending to a group? You will see exactly who opened your message, so you can follow up with precision.
* Schedule meetings in one email instead of ten. With one-click scheduling, book meetings in one email instead of ten. Your guest picks a time right in the email, and we do the rest. No more back and forth. No double bookings.
* Create the perfect email with one-click templates. Write the best email every time without manual copying and pasting. With Mixmax templates, the right message for every occasion is one click away.
* Write now, send later. Write an email now and schedule it to send automatically when you know your recipients will read it.
* Web Previews. Get your point across with visual previews of links from Twitter, Google Maps, YouTube, and more.
* Polls. Send a poll inside your email. Your recipients vote without leaving their emails.
* Surveys. Need specific and focused answers? Add a survey inside your message. Your recipients answer directly. No plug-ins needed.
* Dropbox, Box, Google Drive Integration. Attach files and documents not only from Google Drive, but also your favorite services including Dropbox or Box.
* Undo Send. Prevent email from sending even if you hit send. Recall an email and refine your messaging.
* Giphy Integration. Express yourself with animated gifs. Search for your favorites to insert them into your messages.
* Code Snippets. Write perfect, readable code snippets in Gmail.
* Multiple Signatures. Personalize your emails with unique signatures for all of your email addresses.
* Custom Branding. Look more professional with your company logo and name on all embedded content including polls, surveys, web previews, and invitations.

Expert Review

"Instant scheduling" allows you to set up meetings via Google Calendar, email everyone involved with available times, and have you confirm them directly in the message. (The free Mixmax limits you to 10 meetings a month.)

It is easy to create quick polls and surveys. The user clicks one of the choices in the message and you can review the results later.

You get visual previews for links - YouTube videos, Google Maps, Twitter timelines, Pinterest pins and more - and attachments, convenient Dropbox and Box integration, and the ability to save common emails as templates for reuse later (a maximum of 10 in the free edition).

A "Send later" option schedules messages to be sent at some later date and time.

Mixmax also supports email tracking, showing you if and when your message was opened. Well, maybe - it uses read receipts, which means you will not see anything if your recipients ignore them.

The free Mixmax works well, but does come with a "Sent with Mixmax" signature. Paying $9 a month for the Starter account removes this and the other restrictions, as well as adding better email tracking and priority email support, while the Professional ($19) and Premium ($49) accounts variously support click tracking, smarter scheduling, mail merge, CRM integration and more.

Reviewed by TechWorld

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Get frustration-free, when your files locked – use DeadLock!

DeadLock is a free file and folder-unlocking utility brought to you by CodeDead. It can help you unlock files or folders that you are unable to delete, copy, rename or move.

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Main Features:
* Unlock files / folders
* Remove ‘undeletable’ files / folders
* Move ‘locked’ files / folders
* Copy ‘locked’ files / folders
* Command-line arguments
* Automatic updates
* Windows Explorer integration

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tabr – Free operation enhancement plugin for Chrome

If you use Chrome as your main browser, and prefer heavy multi-tab usage, you may have noticed the particular performance degradation after you open too many tabs due to the particular memory limitations.

The free extension for Chrome, Tabr, will allow you to use much higher number of tabs in the browser, while substantially reducing the memory usage. With Tabr, you can get a bird’s eye view of all of your Chrome tabs in all windows in a sleek interface, manage and open them with a single click.

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Main Features:
* View all your open Chrome tabs from all windows in one observer with big, beautiful thumbnails;
* Free up RAM, up to 85%;
* Park Chrome tabs and sessions and view them in archive for later access;
* Single Tab Suspension: park individual tabs instead of a whole browsing session;
* Auto-Parking for Tabs: set a custom duration for Tabr to automatically park idle Chrome tabs that take up precious RAM;
* Rearrange, rename, open and delete Chrome tabs directly from within Tabr.

The plugin is a new development and have very good potential to become “a must” for the professional Chrome users.

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