Saturday, September 13, 2014

Image and Animation Viewer with screen capturing function

Main Features

- View and save image/animation files with very fast speed
- Support for numerous image/animation file formats:
- Extract single/all frames from animation files
- Show detailed information of image/animation files
- Show Exif/IPTC information
- Show or hide transparency
- Support for digital camera raw image file formats:
- Support for numerous archive file formats:
- Support for high dynamic range image file formats:
HDR, EXR, SXR, MXR, etc.
- 64-bit version available
- Unicode version available
- Multilingual support:
English, German, Spanish, Russian, Danish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
- Thumbnail browser
- Batch conversion
- Slide show
- Batch rename
- Capture screen
- Tiled view (check textures for seamless tiling, very useful for game developers/modders)
- Create animations
- Create multiple page images
- Manipulate and edit images:
Flip vertical and horizontal
Rotate left, right and free
Change color depth (1, 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit)
Swap colors
Resize per pixel, percentage or standard dimensions.
Several resample filters available.
Effect filters, including a handy Preview browser
Import, export and edit palettes
Set and remove transparency
and more...
- Customizable shortcuts for Keyboard and Mouse
- Command line parameter support
- Shell extension support
- Add-on plugin support
- Total Commander lister and packer plugin
- No write unnecessary registry (ini-based configuration)
- Fully optimized binaries (tiny, pure, fast, neat)

Note: Don't forget about Imagine format plugins for: Digital Camera Raw, Archive Format Plugin, JPEG 2000, Microsoft HD Photo, JBIG, Google WebP, OpenEXR, RAR Archive, 7Z Archive, ALZ(ALZip) Archive, HV3(HoneyView3) Archive. You can download them from here - access "Imagine" forum section, choose “Stable version..." and scroll down until you reach (Plugin) section.

Installing Imagine (if you choose the standard version) for the first time is something easy and it will require just a few seconds: the setup wizard will ask for system shortcuts, destination folder, font type, file associations (which files should be opened by default using this application) and that's it. As soon as you start Imagine, you will notice the simplicity of his interface which uses an Explorer layout. Besides of the traditional "File" - "Open" operation you can also use the well-known "drag-and-drop" method. Just drag one image or more of them directly in his interface (right-side).

Once you added the image start using his powerful features: rename, resize, rotate, flip, adjust colors, view file properties, EXIF info, change file format and color depth, apply filters (a lot of them available) etc. Go to "Tools" tab and you have several other cool features: batch conversion, slide show, batch rename, capture screen, animation editor, JPEG lossless transformation and create multiple page image. Each main feature also comes with a subclass of other settings so you have a large suite of options.

System requirements

- CPU: Pentium compatible
- Memory: 32MB or higher
- OS: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
- Display: 256 color or higher

Author: Chun Sejin (Korea)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pictomio – Cool Freeware 3-D Photo Manager with Set of Professional Features

Pictomio is freeware and raises the bar when it comes to displaying your 3D-accelerated photo and video collections and comes with great geo tagging features.

Main Features:

* Image Management
Pictomio easily manages thousands of media intensive images and video archives and groups your media according to orientation, time, type, size, rating, etc.

* Video Management
Finally a tool to directly manage your videos. Along with viewing Thumbnails you can also rotate and zoom video.

* Library
With the Library you can display photos by the date taken and EXIF values (e.g. type of camera) as well as sorted by category and album.

* EXIF Editor
With the integrated EXIF editor (Exchangeable image file format) you can see, edit and save the meta data of JPEG files.

* 3D folder
The 3D folder symbol previews the folder's contents. You can also display all your pictures in fast-forward.

* Albums and Categories
Albums and categories are virtual folders which you can use to arrange your pictures regardless of their location on the hard drive. Example album: "My best vacation pictures"

* 3D Image Carousel
Browse through your pictures with the visually engaging 3D picture Carousel. The direction of motion can be controlled by the mouse.

* Slide Show
Pictomio simplifies the production of slide shows for you by using a drag-and-drop interface. By using the capabilities of 3D graphics cards you can also integrate elaborate page transitions.

* Tools
Web designers will find the color pipette and the measuring tool helpful in determining color values from pixels and measuring a section of an image.

* Image Rating
Using dynamic controls you have access to comprehensive rating and filter functions.

* Liquid-Zoom
Smooth High quality zooming using Mip levels for the reduction of aliasing lets you easily zoom in on your images. The bilineare filtering can be deactivated in order to see exact image details down to the pixel.

* Languages
Pictomio already supports an extensive list of languages. If your native language is not included, we would be glad to have your assistance with the translation.

* GeoTagging with pictoGEO
Use pictoGEO to link your digital photos to location information. This allows you to view the location where you took the picture on a map. pictoGEO works with any digital camera and even allows you to import .nmea and .gpx files! Free pictoGEO license key: WNXKRX-YRKAH4-VLUUWH-F4GD9G-NXLLNA

* Import Wizard
Pictomio’s easy-to-use import dialog box guides you through the application step-by-step.

* 3D Trips
pictoGEO not only manages your images but your trips as well. These are displayed in 3D including information on altitude and distance.

* Map View
Trips and images including GPS information are shown on maps and can be edited afterwards.

Photo communities
Share your favorite photos with the rest of the world: Pictomio offers support for picasa, flickr, ImageShack, facebook, and photobucket.

Manual geotagging
With Pictomio getting a GPS fix for your images is a snap. The coordinates are stored as EXIF information if requested.

Trip view
Highlight: whether you are traveling on a plane, in your car, on your bicycle or on foot, pictGEO will not only show you the exact location where you pictures were taken but also the distance you have covered on your journey. Archive every meter you cover on your next vacation so that you will be able to track exactly where you went many years from now.

Trip management
You can integrate the routes you recorded into one or several virtual trips. You have the option of showing or hiding specific routes (e.g. only your flight) and view routes in more detail.

Video Presentation

Computer requirements:

* Intel or AMD x86 CPU with >1 GHz
* Shader Model 2.0 graphics card with 128 MB of Video RAM
* 500 MB of available hard drive space (depending on number of managed photos)
* Operating system Windows XP, Vista, or 7.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BonAView – Advanced Freeware Photo Manager

BonAView is an outstanding free photo managing and organizing utility, which may become one of your favorite programs when you need to deal with your collection of images.

Main Features
* 3D Image Preview. BonAView can generate high-quality thumbnails of your images and display them like interactive pictures in 3D space.

It offers intuitive, convenient, and easy way to view images in 3D with ability to rotate, flip, and move between them.

* Working with Categories. Categories is a special feature of the software, offering the easiest way to organize and manage your photo collection, which can be any size – from a few hundred to a few million photos.
- UNLIMITED number of categories.
- Creating the hierarchy of categories.
- UNLIMITED level of the hierarchy of categories .
- Adding images to the category in an easy way. To add an image, just drag-and-drop any image into the category you need.
- UNLIMITED number of images in categories.

* Searching Images. A powerful BonAView image searching tool, which will help you find exactly what you want through flexible and easy image search and the widest choice of the search criteria: You can search your photos by file name, size, type, image dimensions, rating etc.

* Filtering Images. With an image filtering tool you can reject the waste browsing or searching results.
You can filter images in current folder, category, or search results, enhancing operations productivity.
* Editing Images. BonAView includes a powerful, easy-to-use image editor with a set of useful tools to help reduce red-eye in digital images, remove an unwanted color cast, apply special effects, and much more.
- Automatic image quality improvement.
- Removing "red eyes" effect.
- Supporting common image filters.
- Adjusting color balance or brightness/contrast to your photos.
- Cropping, resampling your images.
- Sharpening or blurring your photos.
- And many others…

* Image Info.
- Easy access to the main image info.
- Easy manipulating the image database properties such as rating, category, or caption.
- Supporting EXIF data of your photos.
* Image Annotations. An annotation tool lets you easily add vector objects, such as lines, rectangles or captions to your photos.
- Easy creation of captions for your images.
- Measurement of distances and angles in the photos.
- Adding watermarks.
- Adding vector objects, such as lines, rectangles, ellipses.
- Detailed settings of vector objects.

* EXIF/IPTC Editor. With EXIF/IPTC editor you can edit/add/delete almost any IPTC or EXIF information, that is embedded into your photos.
 - Edit/Add/Delete EXIF information.
- Edit/Add/Delete IPTC information.

* ImageBoard Tool
- Replacement of the standard Windows Clipboard tool for manipulating your photos.
- Simultaneous work with lots of pictures (copying, pasting, assigning to category).
* Built-in Scanning Tool. This is a full-featured scanning tool, which helps you to get images from your scanner, rotate them, adjust colors, borders etc.
- Scan your photos without interrupting your work with BonAView!
- Preview using setting scanning borders.
- Adjust contrast, brightness, saturation to your scanned photos.
- Rotate scanned images.
- Import Tool

* Import Tool. Import tool lets you get your photos from ALL your devices.
- Import photos from camera.
- Import photos from your scanner.
- Get images from your card reader and other removable devices.
- Import your photos from other TWAIN or WIA compatible devices.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Listen and Record Pandora Music with Free Software

Pandora is one of the best streaming services nowadays, and having the appropriate desktop client will significantly enhance your experience, removing the advertising, characteristic for the free service option and provide the nice operational interface.

In one of the previous posts, I have presented several freeware desktop clients to you, where the best option is, probably, Elpis, which I actively use myself on a daily basis. However, if you will decide to record your favorite tracks, you will need other piece of software for such purposes.

Saver 2 Bundle is the only package you need to play music, and it instantly get it recorded locally to your Hard Drive. Installation is fast and straightforward, and operation is nice and simple. The software supports Pandora (coming with individual custom client), Grooveshark, Slacker, and a few other services.

As soon as you point out at the folder you want to save the tracks, they will be recorded automatically as the software is active. The different artists are posted in the automatically created separate folders for convenience, images are downloaded along with music tracks, and the playlists are created.

While you get a convenient opportunity to record the music, you still have the same functionality as any other Pandora player – you may like or dislike the tracks, pause, or skip them.

Works great! Recommended!

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