Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to Make your Desktop a Useful Workplace?

You use your computer for multiple task, carry numerous pieces of data in multiple locations, and use various computer programs on your PC. How to make the operation easier, faster, more convenient, and free of frustration? How to get all the frequently used items handy, and remember location for the items, which are not accessed for long time?

Check Nimi Places – free desktop organizer, and you may love it.

Maine Features

Desktop related:
* Customizable visibility. Containers can be set either individually to be always visible or to be visible only when desktop is focused.
* Align containers to grid. When positioning or resizing container by holding shift its size and position snaps to grid.
* Resolution changes support. Containers position is saved and dynamically restored per display (e.g.: projector) and its resolution.
* Local shortcuts. Some shortcuts can be displayed as local e.g.: preview able elements, directories while still keeping their binding.

Container customization:
* Smooth scrolling. Containers can be smooth scrolled either by mouse dragging, or by keyboard or mouse wheel.
* Customizable appearance. Containers can be individually customized by using themes.
* Customizable item size. Items size for each container can be set individually from large to tiny.
* View modes (in Places). Places type containers can display items using one of two available layouts — either as icon grid or as multi-column list.

Organize files and folders:
* Labels. Labels can be used to organize files & folders, by highlighting those with one of available colorful labels.
* Sorting. Files and folders can be sorted by name, extension, type, label, sub items count, times clicked, size, creation or last modification date.
* Container name label. Place type container can show customizable name label either on top or bottom of the container to help distinguish from each other.
* Files and folders rules. Rules can be used to duplicate, move or create link to changed file or folder matching chosen condition (pattern, current place or hour) under observed directory.
* Quick search. When typing in focused container it will be automatically scrolled to first query matching element by its name.
* Customizable elements order. Elements can be individually arranged and their order will be preserved.
* Display properties. Containers can be set to be displayed only at given location, hourly schedule or condition (e.g.: specific foreground window title).
* Sorting by content. Files and folders can be sorted by their content and grouped into sets of matching similar: images, audio files, documents and other files.

Files and folders productivity features:
* Video thumbnails. It generates own video thumbnails for possible formats to provide easy identification of video files.
* Image thumbnails. It generates own image thumbnails for crisp, high quality image thumbnails.
* Fast note taking. Pasted bitmap, text or html are automatically saved as quick note files of their type with name responding to actual data.
* Media preview. Video and audio files can be previewed directly from container using inbuilt media player front-end.
* Image viewer. Images can be viewed directly from container using inbuilt image viewer.
* Open Documents thumbnails. It has support for displaying thumbnails of some of Open Documents formats like text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
* Image cropping. Images viewed in inbuilt viewer can be circle or custom shape cropped and copied to clipboard by mouse selection with key modifiers.
* PSD thumbnails. It has support for displaying PSD image format embedded thumbnails.
* Internet shortcut thumbnails. It can generate own thumbnail for internet shortcut files.
* Directory thumbnails. It generates own directory thumbnails either as files grid or cover image if present.
* PDF thumbnails. Is capable of rendering thumbnails for supported PDF files.

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