Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pale Moon – Hidden Gem among Browsers

When it comes to the browsers, the vast majority of the Internet users mention just few popular names, like Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. The market is almost completely occupied by few major players. However, it does not mean that the competition to the leaders does not exist. There are some products, which form several perspectives are even better, more features rich, and even more reliable. For example, if you are a fan of Firefox, I would encourage you to take a look on the Pale Moon browser, which is built on Mozilla platform, but claimed to be much better than the source.

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Pale Moon is a fast and stable Open Source alternative to the standard Firefox browser. It is an Open Source program, available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (with other operating systems in development).

Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own, independently developed source, that has been forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code, with carefully selected features and optimizations to maximize the browser's speed (up to 25% faster), stability and user experience, while offering a rich collection of extensions and themes (including compatibility with many Firefox extensions users have come to love and rely on).

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Pale Moon Features:
* Optimized for modern processors
* Safe: forked from Firefox and regularly updated.
* Supported by a friendly, active community of users
* Support for full themes: total freedom of any element's design
* Support for easily-created lightweight themes (skins)
* Smooth and speedy page drawing and script processing
* Increased stability: experience fewer browser crashes
* Support for many Firefox extensions (add-ons)
* Support for a growing number of Pale Moon exclusive extensions
* Extensive and growing support for HTML5 and CSS3
* Many customization and configuration options
* Pale Moon is able to import existing Firefox profiles with the migration tool
* Portable version is available

Friday, October 16, 2015

Store your Secrets in Open view with File Camouflage

Personal data is so valuable that losing it may cause you troubles, money, time, and even ruin your life. Play safe, do not engage in the private data transfer when you are not confident on the channel security. Well, sometimes, you have to. Sometimes, it is needed to transfer the “secret” data, or store it on the common portable device for backup, storage, or transition purposes. But what if data falls in the wrong hands?

With free software File Camouflage, which does not require installation at the HDD, you can hide and protect your personal files inside a jpeg image! The file will be encrypted using AES and hidden inside an image. If someone tries to open a camouflaged image, nothing will be revealed. The person will see a regular image, nothing but the image.

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The software can be used with the main interface or via the explorer "send to" context menu (the first time you only need to select a directory with some images).

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To get the data back you may use the same software.

All the operations are easy and straightforward. You may also secure the data opening with password as an additional layer of security.

One more possible useful application for the software is assistance in sending files as email attachments, when the files’ formats are prohibited for distribution through emails (like EXE, COM, or DLL) by almost all email providers and corporate networks.

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With Free File Camouflage you can send via email whatever you want!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

iFunBox – Easier File and Apps Management for iOS

IFunBox – the free File and App Management Tool for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, available on Windows and Mac OSX.

Main Features:
* Install iOS Apps from customized or unsigned IPA package.
iFunbox allows you install IPA packages from in-house distribution, which is produced with Apple's Developer Enterprise Program. It also allows you install *.ipa files archived from an App under development or cracked by you.

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* Manage files in App sandbox for saved games, chat histories etc.
iOS apps store data in its sandbox for saving informations like user account, chat history, saved games, in-app purchase and etc. iFunbox provides an easy way to manipulate those data to clean the track of usage, backup messages of chats, cheat games.

* Import and export media files like songs, videos, photos and ringtones.
Managing video, music, photo and ringtone is never easier using iFunbox's Quick Toolbox. Multiple files can be imported in a batch by file browsing dialog, or drag & drop. All video and photo in the Camera Roll can be exported by just one click, as well as movies, music and ringtone.

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* Use iPhone as a USB flash drive with super high-speed file transfer.
In file browser view, the "General Storage" entry in the left-hand tree allows you store any kinds of file just like a handy USB flash drive. It operates like an USB flash drive but way faster for file transfer. Files named with international characters and sized larger than 2GB are all well supported.

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* Total control of the native iOS File System, being a hacker is never easier.

iFunbox helps you dig into the root file system of a jailbreak iOS device with quick browsing, instant file previewing and fast file searching. Customize springboard themes, modify carrier logo, clean junk files, configure system services and diagnose system issues ..., it is just the imagination limits what you can do with your iOS devices. Being a hacker of iOS device is never easier with iFunbox. iFunbox supports automatic conversion of bplist and mac png, makes file previewing much easier.

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