Monday, June 30, 2008

Screamer Brings Free Internet Radio to your PC

In comparison with traditional FM radio anymore, Internet steaming radio provides huge advantages, because of the much higher variety of the programs, not clogged with radio advertising. With wide spreading of the broadband Internet around the World, the quality and the interruption-free streaming got an additional boost. However, locate the set of the favorite radio stations can be quite a hassle. There are several developers that brought the users freeware convenient solution, making use of the Internet Radio simple and effective.

One of the best programs of this type is one, developed by David Zidar. It is Screamer Radio. The main features of this utility:

  1. It is very user friendly, with simple, easily operational interface, with preset, but expandable, list of stations.
  2. The utility is ads-free and spyware-free.
  3. It has a huge built-in database of the Internet stations.
  4. You can record the favorite tracks on your Hard Drive in the MP3 format.
  5. It is compatible for almost every sound card on the modern market.
  6. The freeware is portable, and does not require installation. It can be carried between your computers on a tiny USB external drive.
  7. Supported Stream Types:
  1. The software is light on using the computer resources.
Developer Web Site:

Direct Download (portable version):

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Revo Uninstaller - Secure and Effective Applications Removal

I like trying different software (definitely, freeware) utilities. Most of them, I will never use again, and just few become the part of my software tool-box. So, unneeded software should be uninstalled without leaving any traces on the computer. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. Program developers care a lot about clean and proper program installation, but they care much less, on how the software will be removed from your computer. Sometimes, it does not work at all, giving you notification that the un-installation file is missing. Sometimes, it does not produce any error messages, but still leaves behind abandoned drivers, orphan application files, empty data directories, else. For example, standard uninstaller, built in the Windows Operation Systems, cannot entirely remove all traces of AOL software, no matter what.

Definitely, it is good to use portable software, whenever possible, and I would consider non-portable programs just in the exceptional cases, when portable versions do not exist, and there is no competitive freeware product, offering portability.

In this post, I want to present a free portable solution for clean programs removal from your computer. Revo Uninstaller is able to completely uninstall unwanted programs from your PC even if you cannot uninstall them from "Windows Add or Remove Programs" control panel applet. Revo Uninstaller is also much faster and more powerful alternative to the Windows un-installer. With its advanced algorithm, it can analyze through a deep scan application’s data before and after application removal to make sure, no traces left. Even if you have a broken installation, Revo Uninstaller scans for an application’s data on your hard disk drives and in the Windows registry and shows all found files, folders and registry keys so you can delete them. This doesn’t just recover space on your HDD - it speeds up your computer as well.

On top of the main un-installer utility, Revo gives you another bonus - 8 handy and powerful tools to clean up your system: Auto Start Manager, Windows Tools Manager, Junk Files Cleaner, Browsers History Cleaner, Office History Cleaner, Windows History Cleaner, Unrecoverable Delete Tool, Evidence Remover.

A portable software version of the problem can be downloaded from the authors Web Site:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

28 free portable computer games

Even if you consider yourself as a serious and busy computer user, sometimes, it is quite useful to take a break and to clean a head. And what can be better to do so, than getting in computer game? So, do you know, what is better than a free computer game? Free portable computer games are better than just free computer games. 

In my previous publications, I have already voiced my positive attitude towards portable computer software. Its standard advantages are applicable to the computer games as well:
  1. The program installation is not required. Copy the executable file or the entire program folder to your Hard Drive, and you are good to go.
  2. There is no danger, that the new program produces a software conflict with the programs, which are already installed on your computer, fighting for example for the same driver or requesting a newer version, while the existing software is satisfied with the current version.
  3. Program can be saved on the external mobile drive and transferred everywhere, allowing to use it on any computer, including on those, where the installation of the unsanctioned programs is undesirable (in your office, library, or the Internet cafe).
  4. All user files might be located in the application sub-folder, inside the program directory. If you could not finish your game at home - you can save it on USB stick and continue at work from the same point, you were interrupted (I hope, you will not consider this recommendation for the practical course of actions).
  5. You fed up with the game - just erase entire folder, and you are done with it. No negative consequences to your computer will be observed: no left-over orphan drivers or altered computer configuration.
As usual, I prepared the list of free portable programs with the brief description, rating, and link for downloading at RateItAll:

At the moment, there are 28 computer programs included in the listing, but I have modest long-term plans to bring amount of the listed titles to 100. So that, come back once a while to check for new entries.


Update: As of today, December 16, 2013, there are 91 items on the rating list. Not far from 100...

Monday, June 2, 2008

ClickHeat WebSite Visual Analyzer

Every Webmaster is interested in getting more visitors, unless the Web Site is completely private and serves for individual or limited group use, where visitors are invited with special invitations.

You create a nice content and supply the appropriate interface to maximize the site exposure and attractiveness to the readers. However, how precisely you know of where are the killer points? Definitely, you can guess and arrange the site design to increase visibility of the area that has the highest probability to invoke interest. But how good your guess is? ClickHeat free open source plugin from LabsMedia might give you some useful answers. ClickHeat is a visual heatmap of clicks on a HTML page, showing hot and cold click zones. So, you can see exactly, what are the popular and what are unpopular zones on the page.

Software can be installed as a browser Javascript plugin, or on the server (all popular types are supported). Server installation requires PHP and the GD image library support, but these options are present on most hosts anyway, so that should not be a problem.

If you want feel how the software works, you can check on-site demonstration, using the test account: login - demo, password - demo:

Review also the video presentation:

Download the plugin from Souceforge:

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