Monday, June 30, 2008

Screamer Brings Free Internet Radio to your PC

In comparison with traditional FM radio anymore, Internet steaming radio provides huge advantages, because of the much higher variety of the programs, not clogged with radio advertising. With wide spreading of the broadband Internet around the World, the quality and the interruption-free streaming got an additional boost. However, locate the set of the favorite radio stations can be quite a hassle. There are several developers that brought the users freeware convenient solution, making use of the Internet Radio simple and effective.

One of the best programs of this type is one, developed by David Zidar. It is Screamer Radio. The main features of this utility:

  1. It is very user friendly, with simple, easily operational interface, with preset, but expandable, list of stations.
  2. The utility is ads-free and spyware-free.
  3. It has a huge built-in database of the Internet stations.
  4. You can record the favorite tracks on your Hard Drive in the MP3 format.
  5. It is compatible for almost every sound card on the modern market.
  6. The freeware is portable, and does not require installation. It can be carried between your computers on a tiny USB external drive.
  7. Supported Stream Types:
  1. The software is light on using the computer resources.
Developer Web Site:

Direct Download (portable version):


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