Tuesday, June 10, 2008

28 free portable computer games

Even if you consider yourself as a serious and busy computer user, sometimes, it is quite useful to take a break and to clean a head. And what can be better to do so, than getting in computer game? So, do you know, what is better than a free computer game? Free portable computer games are better than just free computer games. 

In my previous publications, I have already voiced my positive attitude towards portable computer software. Its standard advantages are applicable to the computer games as well:
  1. The program installation is not required. Copy the executable file or the entire program folder to your Hard Drive, and you are good to go.
  2. There is no danger, that the new program produces a software conflict with the programs, which are already installed on your computer, fighting for example for the same driver or requesting a newer version, while the existing software is satisfied with the current version.
  3. Program can be saved on the external mobile drive and transferred everywhere, allowing to use it on any computer, including on those, where the installation of the unsanctioned programs is undesirable (in your office, library, or the Internet cafe).
  4. All user files might be located in the application sub-folder, inside the program directory. If you could not finish your game at home - you can save it on USB stick and continue at work from the same point, you were interrupted (I hope, you will not consider this recommendation for the practical course of actions).
  5. You fed up with the game - just erase entire folder, and you are done with it. No negative consequences to your computer will be observed: no left-over orphan drivers or altered computer configuration.
As usual, I prepared the list of free portable programs with the brief description, rating, and link for downloading at RateItAll:

At the moment, there are 28 computer programs included in the listing, but I have modest long-term plans to bring amount of the listed titles to 100. So that, come back once a while to check for new entries.


Update: As of today, December 16, 2013, there are 91 items on the rating list. Not far from 100...


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