Sunday, June 17, 2012

SPlayer – Portable High-Performance Awards Winning Media Player

It is not easy to compete in the area where competition is strong. There is no doubt that the freeware media players market is one of such areas, filled to the level of saturation.

SPlayer developer, Tomasen, could make the product properly differentiated from competitors, but making it small, portable, and equipped with nice and attractive interface, which is frequently overlooked by other developers.

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Main Feature

  • ShaderEngine - image enhancement engine, reducing screen noise while rendering sharp picture quality
  • LiveColor - color enhancement algorithms, presenting vivid images
  • SmartAmplify - Intelligent sound field balancing technology, giving your ears a treat

Low consumption
  • FastMotion - significantly reduces CPU and memory footprint. Optimized for modern multi-core CPU and GPU
  • PowerTravel - power-saving mode, reducing energy consumption and increasing the battery time for notebook
  • EyeCare - takes care your eyes for long time watching, ensuring a healthy viewing experience

  • Anti-Silly - smart, fuzzy-logical configuration, hundreds of branch logics automatically select the best mode based on the hardware configuration.
  • CloudMatching - Intelligent Subtitle Display technology, no longer need to google matching subtitles for foreign language films

Delicate beauty
  • After a number of enthusiastic users giving professional advices and design assistance, SPlayer interface focuses at simple, stylish, functional integrity without affecting the general use

Direct download (portable version):

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