Friday, October 16, 2015

Store your Secrets in Open view with File Camouflage

Personal data is so valuable that losing it may cause you troubles, money, time, and even ruin your life. Play safe, do not engage in the private data transfer when you are not confident on the channel security. Well, sometimes, you have to. Sometimes, it is needed to transfer the “secret” data, or store it on the common portable device for backup, storage, or transition purposes. But what if data falls in the wrong hands?

With free software File Camouflage, which does not require installation at the HDD, you can hide and protect your personal files inside a jpeg image! The file will be encrypted using AES and hidden inside an image. If someone tries to open a camouflaged image, nothing will be revealed. The person will see a regular image, nothing but the image.

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The software can be used with the main interface or via the explorer "send to" context menu (the first time you only need to select a directory with some images).

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To get the data back you may use the same software.

All the operations are easy and straightforward. You may also secure the data opening with password as an additional layer of security.

One more possible useful application for the software is assistance in sending files as email attachments, when the files’ formats are prohibited for distribution through emails (like EXE, COM, or DLL) by almost all email providers and corporate networks.

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With Free File Camouflage you can send via email whatever you want!


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