Sunday, May 4, 2008

Enhance Automatic Translation with Freeware Translate.Net

If you ever tried to use online machine translation service from the language you understand, you know how funny and inaccurate the translation is performed. However, in many cases, when you need to get a main idea of the foreign language site, it will be good enough, definitely, much better than no translation at all. However, the question is naturally raised if the automatic translation can be improved, bringing more accurate results. Translate.Net, a free Windows translation aggregator is a desktop application offering the results from different language translation engines and dictionaries, letting you compare obtained results.

There are 17 services, 35 languages, and 1352 translations directions supported by the software with GUI localized to French, Chinese, Ukrainian and Russian. The program remembers your recent translation directions and allows saving your previous choice for the next session.

Note, that the software requires permanent Internet connection for processing of queries and retrieving translating results.

More information and source for downloading:


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