Sunday, October 12, 2008

Compress Photos on the Fly!

There are not many people left, who do not use digital images for storing and sharing with friends. It is so convenient and easy to do. However, the default settings on the modern digital cameras create big image files for the better resolution. It is good, as your pic quality is high. However, when you need to share the image through web interface, mobile communication, email, or messenger, your submission size is a problem. It might also create an issue to your recipient, if, for example, huge attachment, consisting from your pictures, is clogging the email account with limited reception capabilities.

Now, finally, you can attach dozens of photos to emails without any problems without making any resizing or cropping. You can upload to your blog or website in seconds, and share with your friends instantly! The magic free resizing tool, Shrink Pic, automatically detects when you send photos by email, Instant Messenger or web browser and compresses them for you. There’s no need to make duplicates and resize - it all happens instantly, when you send photos.

Shrink Pic runs in the background. It has a taskbar icon which tells you it’s waiting for photos to be sent.

Then, when it detects that you’re sending a large photo, it automatically creates a temporary copy, resizes it and sends it instead. It gives you a notice message, so you’ll know the photo you sent was resized. Of course, the original photo doesn’t change, only the temporary copy.

You can control how Shrink Pic resizes your photos. Select between three automatic resize levels or enter your own custom sizes. Shrink Pic also recognizes rotated photos (portrait layout) and resizes them intelligently, so you don’t need to worry about that too.

The software is free, small, portable, and fast. We can be better than that! Yes, Shrink Pic now fully supports portable mode. This means, it can run without being installed. It can copy itself to any USB memory, including your digital camera or a memory stick.

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