Saturday, November 8, 2008

Digital Images Printing Program

Couple of years ago, I was looking on the freeware software market for convenient application for the pictures printing. With quality paper being quite expensive, it is not a bad idea to reorganize pictures for the most optimal paper usage. At the time, I could not find an application, which fitted my modest needs.

It seems that the Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard is exactly what I was looking. It is a simple free computer utility allowing printing easily multiple images on a single paper page in various ways and in multiple formats. The software comes with many build in templates and effects you can select from. With Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard you can also create impressive photo albums, artworks, posters, collages and much more. Software is designed for all versions of Windows Operating System Windows 98 and higher, including support for Windows Vista.

Developers Website:


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