Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Remote Computer Desktop Control with TeamViewer

Teamviewer is a well-known utility that can be used for various purposes. It supports remote connections, presentation mode, file transfers and virtual private networks. The first surprising aspect of the software is that it does not need to be installed. Both clients need to run the software program to establish the connection between two computers.

Each client creates a unique ID and password and the user who wants to give access to his computer has to send that data to the other user who enters it in his computer. There is virtually no delay and the quality of the picture is really good. Even small fonts are readable.

The other options, remote support, file transfers and virtual private networks work the same way. Everything is streamlined for ease of use. Transfers and connections work behind firewalls as well which works nicely in combination with the portable version of Teamviewer.

Teamviewer is free for commercial usage. A few additional versions are available at the developers homepage that suite specific needs. A support version is available for customers which is a basic version of Teamviewer that can only be used to connect to the client’s computer.

You also find a server version and a manager version at the download page. This is an excellent solution for anyone who has to remotely connect to clients computers regularly, who wants to do presentations over the Internet or use a virtual private network. It is free only for non-commercial usage.

Video Presentation:

Developers website:


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