Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NexusFile - Fast Portable Windows File Manager

NexusFile is a free windows file manager that has a cool-looking interface. Instead of using boring beige / white as its default background, it uses black. It also intelligently color codes your files and folders with customizable color schemes.

NexusFile has a familiar, Explorer-like interface with dual, same sized panes for you to work on your files and folders. If you are familiar with Windows Explorer’s interface, NexusFile will get you going in no time.

Main features:
* Basic Functions: Copy/Move To, Copy/Cut/Past, Delete/Shred, Rename, Change Attributes/Time.
* Advanced Rename: Rename multiple files at once with many powerful options.
* Navigate Folders: Favorite Folders, Working Folders, Tabs, Smart Address Bar.
* Dual Panels: Open two folders at once.
* Archives: manages ZIP, ARJ, RAR, ACE archive files.
* FTP: basic FTP functions.
* File Join/Split: Split large file into many small files or Join small files into a large file. Merge several text files into a file.
* Save File List: Save file/folder list with many formats.
* Shortcuts: Most functions has a Keyboard shortcut so you can do everything fast.
* Multi-language: Multi-language supports with language files.
* Skin: you can change the look of a program.
* Disk Cleanup: Empty Recycle Bin, Delete temporary files, etc.
* Quick History: Get back to any previously opened folder much faster.
* Add Comment function: Mark specific files and folders with a meaningful note that is viewable on the status bar.
* Compare Folders: compare two folders.
* Function keys usage: Use of your fully configurable function keys (F1, F2, …) assigned to specific file management tasks.
* Unicode: Unicode file name supported.
* Software is portable, and does not require installation on your Hard Drive. Download the ZIP package and extract to a folder of your choice. Just launch NexusFile.exe.
* System Requirement: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
* License: Freeware

Developers Website: http://www.xiles.net/nexusfile/

Video Presentation:


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