Wednesday, March 4, 2009

iDumpr - Free stand-alone utility for iPod

Usually, good and successful gadgets attract more attention from the software developers and cause creating multiple supporting freeware and commercial products. There are many utilities already, developed for iPod use, but there are more coming to the market…

iDump is a standalone tool that enables you to copy all, or selected, files from your iPod to your computer. It automatically detects your iPod and generates a list of the content from which you can select the files to be copied. The long list can be narrowed via the search function. Songs can be organized by terms as familiar as song name or artist to the more esoteric year, bit rate, or even location on the iPod. The app displays the song’s iPod path, cracking Apple’s unusual file-saving protocol.

iDump supports output templates and can automatically create folders based on the artist and song information. You can also search your iPod by keyword, create a playlist from the selected songs and set rules for unattended transfers. The portable version of the utility is available.


1. Output formatting. This gives you the option to select an output directory and the way the songs will be transferred.

2. Unattended Transfer. This option is extremely useful for those who own one of the larger iPod’s. Simply enable this feature in the options page, and it will deal with common transfer errors and problems, such as what to do if a song already exists on the destination drive, etc.

3. Search Option.

4. Playlists. If you use playlists on your iPod then this gives you the option to select any of the playlists and display the song within the selected list only.

5. Export Playlists. This option will export all of your playlists in to the standard .m3u format.

Available Languages: English, German, Spanish.

OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista.


Download No Install Exe Version:

License: Freeware.


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