Friday, June 5, 2009

Top 45 Free Alternatives to Windows Explorer

A file manager is a computer program, supplying a user interface to the files related operations. The most common operations on files are create, open, edit, view, print, play, rename, move, copy, delete, attributes, properties, search/find, and permissions. Some file managers provide network connectivity. This is achieved either by allowing the user to browse for a server, connect to it and access the server's file system like a local file system, or by providing its own full client implementations for file server protocols.

The standard built-in Microsoft Windows application - Windows Explorer - provides a graphical user interface for accessing the file systems from the early versions of Operating System. However, it is so basic that the software market is filled with freeware and shareware utilities, offering better performances and functionality to replace it. Some of the utilities are portable, and do not need to be installed on the Hard Drive, but work from USB or slave.

I want to present today a Rating List of the 45 best Free File Managers that can successfully replace the lagging Windows Explorer. They all offer different sets of features and graphic user interface. Trying to find that one which better suits your needs, just make a mental inventory and list the features you would like to see in your “dream” file manager. Than review descriptions and pick one that fits your description the best. All utilities are provided with brief description, review, and downloading links.


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