Sunday, May 16, 2010

2GB of free online storage with SpiderOak

I consider myself as pretty knowledgeable advanced computer user. However, the unrecoverable data failure can happen, no matter what. Working with Hard Drive manufacturing, I am aware on how many reclamation have even the best vendors, using the most advanced technologies. The only solution is backup, backup, and double backup for the most valuable data.

SpiderOak is a company offering you online space and software for secure and safe backup of your data on the company servers. Its philosophy on pricing is simple - backup, synchronize, share, access, and store as much as you like and they will you only for the amount of storage used. However, I would not present this application in the Software Freebies blog, if they would not offer an ultimate free solution for its users. Indeed, you can backup, synchronize, and share data across all of your computers, external drives, and/or network volumes - from anywhere and everywhere, using the 2 GBs free space- for life - enjoying all of the features SpiderOak has to offer.

SpiderOak Features

- Backup, Sync, Share, Access & Storage
- Multi Platform Support - Mac, Windows, Linux Compatible
- 100% Zero-knowledge Privacy
- Add any number of computers at NO additional cost
- Storage & time saving De-Duplication
- Perpetual Deleted File & Historical Version Storage
- 10-15 Times Faster than traditional backup solutions
- Wholly Fault-Tolerant Design

Within a single SpiderOak account, you may use the SpiderOak application on as many computers as you would like, backing up as much or as little data as you need. SpiderOak also supports selecting external hard drives, removable devices, and network volumes for backup. SpiderOak does intense compression and de-duplication within a backup set (even across multiple computers.) Whenever new data is stored, SpiderOak tries hard to store it in terms of references to existing data blocks. SpiderOak is therefore able to retain all previous versions of files using very little extra space. Any duplicated data between however many computers you backup with SpiderOak does not take any extra space.

Desktop client download (choose your platform):

Video Tutorial on how to setup your account for the first time:


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