Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to get your Skype on-the-go?

Skype free communication services are so popular now, that there is probably no need to present them in this post. After Skype was enabled for the smart phones, it became the perfect way for the free international phone calls.

For those who still are not in the picture, Skype lets you connect to others via instant message, audio conferencing and video phone. It can also call regular phone lines from anywhere in the world, but these calls will be already billable, which might be a good solution to talk to the less computer savvy international friends and family members, since the rates for international call are very attractive.  

One of the readers of this blog sent me email, complaining that he is not allowed to install software on his office computer due to the IT restrictions, and he is missing the Skype during the work hours. For Daniel and all others, there is a pretty good solution – there is a portable version of the Skype software as well. So, you may use it anywhere, on any computer, with no installation.

Get more information and download installer from the developers’ website:

Note that small online installer requires Internet connection to download additional files during setup.

In one of my December, 2009 posts, I have presented Rating List at RateItAll, offering listing and reviews of the third-party free software utilities, allowing enhancing the features provided by basic Skype services. At the time, it was 63 free applications on the list. Now, it is 84, and Skype Portable is having a highest rating: 5 of 5.

You are welcome to review the Rating List at:


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