Sunday, June 12, 2011

Free Portable MP3 Cutter and Editor

If you do not belong to the people who write the music and create sophisticated sound effects, you may not need complicated and features-rich audio editor utility. But, as regular computer user, you still have to deal once a while with need to modify mp3 tracks on your PC.

Just several possible situation of non-professional mp3 modification:
·         Trimming audio file to create personalized ringtone for your mobile phone.
·         Changing volume for your audio clip for various purposes.
·         Creation of fade out and fade in sound effects, while preparing sound track for your slide show.

If you mentally prepare inventory of all activities you do with audio files on your PC, you will definitely be able to add other situation, when you need simple and straightforward mp3 file editing.

Free portable utility from MuseTips - MP3 Cutter and Editor – will be quite handy for all situations mentioned above and many other.

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The following commands are supported:
·         Delete Selected: Deletes selected part from the mp3 document.
·         Delete Unselected: Deletes unselected part from the mp3 document.
·         Change Volume: Changes audio volume by specifying a percentage value.
·         Maximize Volume: Increases volume as high as possible without distortion.
·         Fade In: Gradually increases the volume throughout the selection.
·         Fade Out: Gradually decreases the volume throughout the selection.
·         Convert to Stereo: Duplicates mono track to make a stereo track.
·         Convert to Mono: Mixes all channels to make a mono track.

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