Thursday, May 17, 2012

Verity Parental Control Software: Monitor, Track and Protect Your Child's Internet Computer Activity

I am personally not in favor of any police measures towards children, including the parental control software as educational tool. However, I do understand that family guidelines might be different, and there is no right and wrong, black and white. I also understand that Internet might be quite dangerous media for small kids. So, high demand on the quality parental control software confirms the viewpoint that this product is needed.

Today I would like to present Verity - child monitoring software allowing parents to track and monitor what kids are doing on the computer and online in an easy and non invasive way. The utility is developed by respectable NCH software.

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After a quick setup, Verity will begin logging the programs being used, websites visited, count keystrokes and mouse clicks, and take screenshots of onscreen activity. All the data is accessible through a password protected web interface.

Verity gives parents peace of mind, checking what children do on the computer and protect them for inappropriate sites.

Main Features:

* Monitoring computer activity both online and offline.
* Protect kids by blocking certain websites and applications with parental controls.
* Tracking activity by user, program, keystrokes, mouse clicks and screen shots.
* Logging time spent in each software program.
* Logging websites visited on supported browsers.
* Online chat monitoring.
* Setting daily time limits on computer usage.
* Taking periodic screenshots of the active window or desktop.
* Customizable restrictions for each child by their Windows user login.
* Accessing stored data through a password protected web interface
* You can optionally set up the web interface to be accessible remotely from other locations over the internet
* Utility runs in the background so computer can be normally operated.


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System Requirements: Works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8

More free parental software can be found on RateItAll List: At the moment, 33 utilities are listed.


Mi said...

There are dozens of such programs in the net, but they
let you log off the child only.
I’d prefer a more flexible
variant, helping me also to limit the time for certain
sites, so I use Time Boss parental control software
It can do all the described stuff and even more
(time limitation for internet sites...).

maneesh said...

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zeve leroy said...

it is very important to spy your kids activity in the internet.there is also some hardware keylogger are available that can attach to the keyboard and can record all the key strokes.give the information to parents where there kids have visited or where not.

LD said...

BEWARE...DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SOFTWARE!! Let me explain what happened to us....

We installed this program and we forgot our password. The link to have the password reset DOES NOT WORK. I never received an email with a way to reset our password. We've tried to uninstall the program, but at every turn the password is required. I emailed customer support & they informed me we had to RESTORE our computer to a date prior to installing Verity. Unfortunately, we never set up System Restore (it's a fairly new computer). So we have a piece of software that won't let my kid's log-in download stuff and there is no way of controlling it (because we can't reset our password). We, as administrators of our own computer, can't un-install it. The two sentences of instructions NCH Software gave us to remove the software won't work (because a password is required and we can't reset it). We've even opened the computer in safe mode (where uninstalling without a password should work), but the software still requires a password!!

In addition to this terrible software, and worse support, NCH Software installed MOUNTAINS of software on our computer without our consent.

Don't make the same mistake we made. NCH Software and Verity are not worth the trouble and they don't deserve your trust!!!

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