Sunday, November 11, 2012

Advanced Tracking for your Portable Computer Devices

The amount of the portable computer devices and computerized gadgets you own is growing up. So, at the same proportion grows the risk that one day your laptop, netbook, or tablet will be lost or stolen. While the gadget may be quite expensive by itself, losing the data may be the bigger disaster. What can you do now to get the disappeared device back?

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Would not be nice, if you could track it on a map, or lock it down remotely, or turn on the webcam to find out where it is now located, and may be spy on a alleged thief?

Prey is a free awesome program that allows you to do all that and more. You just download Prey and register your device for free on the Prey website. If the laptop ever goes missing, you can notify Prey online and use the Prey control panel to geo-locate it, set off an alarm to hear if it's nearby, and lock down the device to prevent anyone else from using it.

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Yes, free version of the utility has certain limitations, like limit on the amount of devices you may track (three), or limit on amount of the monthly reports. If these limitations are deal stopper for you, you can always choose one of the commercial PRO accounts, but for most private users the free account will suite the basic security needs.

The software is available for multiple platforms:
* Windows
* Ubuntu
* Linux
* Android
* iOS

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Developer’s website:

Downloads web page:


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