Monday, January 28, 2013

Total Collector – Passwords, Links, and Notes Manager

For active computer and Internet users, remembering all logins, passwords, and URLs is a huge headache. Time, when you had a simple notebook, where you recorded your logins “in case” has gone. The password managers, both software-based and cloud-based are helping users to organize better the huge amount of adding and refreshing information with convenience, ease, but with certain level of computer data security. It is not even the fear of identity thieves, but also ability to preserve the confidential information really confidential from possible viewers, even the members of your family.

Today, we are presenting for your consideration a Total Collector – freeware combo tool, combining functions of the link manager (bookmark manager) to web pages and local files, contact manager, user manager, and password generator.

Total Collector allows you to store all the valuable information about Internet sites you visit (including URLs, usernames, passwords, etc.), friends’ contact data (first and last names, date of birth, phone numbers, etc.), local files (path, password, etc.), or any other text notes and comments for the future use. The big Roboform-like advantage of the utility is ability to auto-fill pre-stored input fields on forms , while online, with any installed web browsers.

There are two installation options: you can install it on your computer, or choose a portable installation, so it can be transferred on any removable media, without affecting your computer parameters, settings, and registry. It is useful when you use multiple computers and prefer to carry your “data key” all the time with you for better confidentiality.

The program displays the information in the form of a tree, which is located on the left side of the main window. The tree consists of nodes. Any tree node can have child nodes. Number of attachments is unlimited. In the right pane are the parameters of the site. At the top is the main menu, as well as buttons for quick access to the most commonly performed operations.

The main elements of the program's interface:
1 - Main Menu
2 - quick buttons
3 - Panel image
4 - Tree nodes
5 - Panel settings of the current node
6 - buttons to save/discard changes the current node

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Languages: English and Russian

System Requirements

The program requires Microsoft. Net Framework 3.5. In Windows 7, it is installed by default. In earlier operating systems, you may need to install it from the following link:

Direct Download: (you may choose portable installation after you start this installer).


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