Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Improving Pictures Quality with SmartDeblur

Using your smartphone for capturing valuable moments of your fast racing life is a normal development. However, occasionally, you have just a single attempt to make a photo, and it ends up being blurry because of the lack of optical zoom or poor light conditions.

The picture is not good, but you desperately need to improve it. While most graphic editors possess sharpening capabilities, they might not be able to save your artwork. And here you can try using SmartDeblur.

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The SmartDeblur is a free professional tool for restoration of the defocused and blurred images. Its algorithm is based on several de-convolutional techniques (like Wiener, Tikhonov, Total Variation).

Supported defect types:
* Out of Focus blur (with kernel deep tuning)
* Motion blur
* Gaussian blur

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Main functions:
* High speed. Processing of an image with the size of 2048*1500 pixels takes about 300ms in the Preview mode (when adjustment sliders can move). But high-quality processing may take a few minutes.
* Real-time parameters changes applying (without any preview button)
* Full resolution processing (without small preview window)
* Deep tuning of kernel parameters
* Easy and friendly user interface
* Help screen with image example

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