Monday, December 9, 2013

O&O DiskImage 7 Professional for Free (time-limited offer)

O&O DiskImage 7 Professional is well-performing, easy-to-operate utility, contained in a single, small control panel. You have four options on the start page, offering full and incremental system image copies, file backup, and restoration of an image.

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O&O DiskImage 7 also images single partitions and drives as well as files and directories. A simple scheduler is included for your backup jobs, which enables automatic daily or weekly copying at specified times. Backups can be full, incremental or differential.

O&O DiskImage 7 also allows you to take what’s known as a “forensic” drive image. This ensures all data – including previously deleted or even corrupt data – is preserved in the drive image, allowing you to run data recovery tools on the disk image instead of the original drive. Set up these options via the Edit > Imaging Options screen.

One of the biggest advantages of O&O DiskImage 7 is in its ability not only to reconstruct lost data but also to restore a system image onto entirely different computer hardware in the event of a system crash. This is done by way of a boot medium (CD or USB Stick) based on Windows PE, which brings back the normal work environment after a disaster fast and easily.

The standard cost of the software is about $50, however, developer is giving away licenses free of charge for limited time of the Holidays Season.

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Following these simple steps, you will get totally legal, fully functional software copy:

1. Download the installation file (choose 32-bit or 64-bit version as per your Windows OS):

2. Visit the software giveaway promotion page:

The page is in German only, so if you browser will not translate it for you, here is the proper translation: Register here for your free full version of O & O DiskImage Professional Edition 7! Once we have received the registration, the registration code and the download of O & O DiskImage Professional Edition 7 to the specified e-mail addresses will be sent.

Enter your email address, where the registration data will be received. It is always recommended not to use your primary email address for such purposes, since you may be getting a promotional email once awhile in exchange for your gift. Use secondary or even time-limited temporary email addresses instead.

3. Check email and record software registration data:
* Name: (your email address)
* Company: (your email address)
* Serial number:

4. Install the software and unlock with the data obtained from developer. And don’t worry, the software you will install, will be in English interface.


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