Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to locate similar images in your collection?

imgSeek is a free open source software for searching a collection of images using visual similarity, and locating matching images.

Main features:
* You simply draw a rough sketch of what you want to find and imgSeek displays for you a thumbnail view of the best matches.
* Query images similar to one in your collection by double-clicking on its thumbnail.
* Group your photos by similarity for easy browsing. You may also have them clustered automatically by color, date (group events automatically using an adaptive clustering algorithm for time differences), filename or image features.
* Edit metadata (description, camera, lens, etc) for every image, and use them on the HTML albums generated or for searching photos. You can also use custom metadata fields.
* EXIF and IPTC data found on JPEG/TIFF files are automatically imported. (Read-only support)
* Advanced command-line utility to scan for new files, query for similar images and show image metadata. (You may use it on your cron system for example)
* Transform images or batches automatically: Place text captions, change brightness, contrast, blur, etc. Apply lossless rotations automatically if jpegtran is available.
* Generate HTML albums for the entire collection, a given directory or similarity group
* Advanced keyword searching for metadata.
* Find all duplicate images on your collection with the parameters you specify (dimensions, filesize, filename, similarity, average luminance).
* Organize and browse pictures in groups with an easy drag & drop interface. You can also perform advanced queries on groups (e.g.: show me all images that belong to group A and B but not group C).
* Support for multiple volumes of pictures. You may assign all images on a CD to a given Volume.
* Automatic thumbnail generation and caching. Using this standard, which is also used by Gimp, Nautilus/Gnome, Rox Desktop, gThumb and others.
* Supported file formats are jpg, gif, bmp, png, xbm, and pnm. If you have ImageMagick installed, imgSeek will also support over 87 image formats.
* Remember the way images should be displayed: If you rotate an image 270 degrees, imgSeek will remember it and do the same the next time you view this image.
* Export/Import metadata to/from CSV files and export a batch or your collection to XML files, which can be later parsed by some other tool to generate whatever you want.
* Rename a file or batch of files automatically: Replace strings, convert to upper/lowercase, append a string, create numbered series, etc.
* Add images to the database from a directory recursively.
* User friendly interface that remembers typed queries and drawn sketches for later usage.
* Slideshow for a given directory, whole collection or for a chosen group of similar images. You can also delete and organize images in groups with hotkeys.
* Browse images by thumbnail and view them on a preview window.
* Browse your system files for images, and bookmark your favorite directories. While browsing, you may query for similar images on your collection.


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