Tuesday, December 9, 2014

GDeskTunes – New Desktop Player for Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the great free goodies you get from Google. This free service allows you to carry your audio tracks anywhere without wasting storage space on your mobile devices. However, occasionally, you may want to enjoy your collection while you are at your desk, in the office, or on your laptop. Here, you can use the new multi-platform desktop player for Google Play Music that integrates beautifully in your OS and enhances your operational abilities.

Main Features:

* Media Keys: Control your music without having to switch applications. Player responds to the media keys built in your computer, allowing you to control easily the playback of your music no matter what you are doing.
* Mini Player: Switch to the mini player so you can continue your work while viewing the song that is playing.
* Last.Fm Integration: Update your Now Playing status and scrobble tracks to Last.fm.
* Custom Styles: Use custom styles built into GDeskTunes to make it look beautiful, or stick with Google's original theme.



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