Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Strong Passwords – Free Password Generator

StrongPasswords Ultimate - portable passwords generator of varying difficulty, as well as the Password Keeper. Registering accounts in social networks, e-mail clients and other services, each user is faced with the necessity of inventing a new password. All experts claim that you should not use the same password for all your accounts, and that it is important to make your password difficult to guess and even crack using the specialized software utilities. At the same time, you need this password to be hand ready for you to use at any given moment in the future.

More you spend time online, more you use different sites, services, and online applications, the list of the user names and associated passwords also grows up. In order to resolve seemingly unresolvable issue, you may start using so-called password manager, such as the StrongPasswords Ultimate, presented in this post. Using the software, you can choose one of the 8 modes for password generation and configure it in a special way, that is difficult to crack, but still easy to remember for you.

Main Features:
* Convenient password keeper
* File mode in the password
* May be up to 50 characters in a password.
* May use uppercase and lowercase English letters, or uppercase and lowercase Cyrillic letter, special characters - <*, +, /, etc.
* 8 available special modes of password generation.
* Create a password template for permanent use.
* You will immediately see the complexity of the generated password and approximate time for his hacking.
* Ability to encrypt individual files that will protect you from unauthorized access to important information. Feature of the algorithm of this function is that the encrypted file does not contain the original information to restore the keyword.
* Password keeper to store your passwords and logins.
* Portable utility, does not require installation, and can be run out of the portable thumb drive.


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