Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cleaning your Windows context-menu with MMM

Mmm small freeware utility will be handy to those, who are dealing with multiple software titles on the computer, having computer applications for every occasion and need, or potential occasion and hypothetical need (like I am) at some point in the future.

Many modern programs, for user convenience, add their own items to the windows right-click menu. After a while, this menu will grow big, consisting from the items that you might never use thereafter. Sometimes, you may even download the program, but the program reference will be still forgotten in the list.

Use MMM to resolve the issue by configuring your windows menus. You can finally remove menu-items you never use and put rarely used functions in a separate sub-menu, keeping afloat just several functions you frequently use in a small, tidy base menu. Configuration is very simple, just drag and drop the menu-items where you want them to go. Indeed, this is one of those cool utilities you did not know you needed until you tried it! No adware, no spyware, no nag-screens - just free!

Access home page for more information and installation file downloading:


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