Thursday, July 17, 2008

Freeware PDF Creator - PrimoPDF

There are many occasions in the office when it is necessary to provide document that will be viewed by recipient “as is” with no relation to the viewer software settings. Regular Word document does not work, since it might depend on the software version, fonts installed, etc. Besides, recipient might edit the document you sent, and even see the history of changes, that is completely inadvisable in the touchy corporate environment.

So, you are looking for a quick, easy, and definitely, free way to convert Word files to PDFs for screen viewing, printing, ebooks, and even pre-press use? PrimoPDF will provide a suitable solution, for free, and with some nice extras such as security options. PrimoPDF resides in your printer list as a virtual printer driver, and when you "print" a document to it, the main PrimoPDF window comes up. The options are simply laid out: You can create a PDF for screen viewing, print, ebook, or pre-press (which embeds your fonts). You can include document properties like author name and keywords. You can encrypt your PDF using 40-bit and 128-bit encryption - useful if you are publishing ebook you would like to protect from free distribution or an internal document you only want certain people to see. Then select the destination, where you want to save your new PDF to, and click OK.

After PrimoPDF creates the PDF file, it can be opened by any PDF reader software, and it goes to your default PDF viewer unless you set the options to do otherwise.

The security features are indeed a strongest trait of the program. You can choose whether users can print, copy text and graphics from the PDF, add comments, and make changes to the PDF. Since virtual printer should be integrated in the system structure, the portable version of this program does not exist.

More information you can obtain on the developer’s site:


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