Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enhanced Webcam Functions with ManyCam

CNet Download is considered as one of the most popular and respectable sources for the freeware downloading. ManyCam Virtual Webcam utility with almost 5 million downloads is positioned under number 32 on the list of the most popular utilities.

What ManyCam can do for you?

- Use your webcam with multiple programs simultaneously.
- Add text to your webcam video window with any application.
- Add cool animations to your video window.
- Show your local day and date in your video window.
- Show your country's flag in your video window.
- Add live CGI (computer generated special effects and graphics), like fire and water effects. You can even make it appear as if it is snowing inside your house!

Manycam allows you to use your Webcam with multiple programs at the same time. Broadcast your Webcam on MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Skype, AIM, Paltalk, and Camfrog all simultaneously.

Once you've installed ManyCam, you need to set ManyCam as the primary input for program that you want to use. ManyCam will automatically start when activate your Webcam through that program. The application includes a bunch of gimmicky features that let you change aspects of the background and foreground. You can map a new pair of cartoon eyes over your face, and they track pretty well to your movements, or you can show that your life is hell by replacing the background with flames.

There is an unfortunate toolbar that will install unless you opt out during setup, so do not rush through the installation process and keep in mind that you need to uncheck the optional installation of toolbar.

How to Get Started

If you are running ManyCam and wish to re-install it, the old one will be closed and removed automatically during the new installation.

1.      Download ManyCam on your computer. The link to download is at
2.      Launch the executable file (for example manycam.exe) and follow the installation instructions.
3.      During the installation you’ll be asked to install a new hardware. Click “continue anyway” to proceed.
4.      When installation is completed, launch the program

ManyCam Use Instructions
  1. Launch the ManyCam application.
  2. Choose Webcam in “Select video source” in the ManyCam tray menu. This is done by finding the ManyCam icon in your right bottom system tray area and right clicking it.
  3. Choose “ManyCam Virtual Webcam” as your primary Webcam in the application where you wish to use ManyCam. Usually this can be found in the settings window of most webcam applications, for example if you go to the "actions" menu and choose "settings" then "video" with Camfrog Video Chat.
  4. From now on when use this application, ManyCam will be automatically started. If you no longer want to use ManyCam you can go back to the programs video settings and change your video source.
  5. Right click the ManyCam icon in the bottom right system tray on your screen to choose to show animations, change your settings and use other features.
Watermark Removal

There's a watermark in the bottom-right corner, but that can easily get rid of that by going to the "effects" tab > text over video > then unchecking "show manycam logo".

System Requirements
  • Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003
  • Intel Celeron 1GHz or Faster Processor
  • 256 RAM
  •  One or more webcams

Direct Downloading Link:


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