Sunday, March 7, 2010

Multiple TV channels on your computer

MegaCubo is very popular Open Source software that allows you to listen to radio, plus watch and record TV for free on the internet, developed in Brasilia.

A Collection of 700+ channels organized into one player. All centralized for your viewing pleasure. You can watch sports, watch cartoons online, adult TV, movies, news, music, shopping all your favorite shows and much, much more with MegaCubo for free!

The MegaCubo gives you an easy access to various television channels to watch on your computer through streaming. The simplest and most comprehensive of its kind, utility comes with all necessary plug-ins and pressing the F1 key the program will do a check to identify possible errors, all to avoid any headaches.

 - Audience data channel between the users of the program;
- Classification of color channels according to connection speed required (channels marked in green are the lightest);
- Automatic updating of links;
- Support P2P transmissions;
- Search videos from Youtube;
 - Data from each channel as description, bit rate and site of the channel.
- Has parental control;
- Ability to create a favorite channels list;
- Adjust (Video): Full Screen, Resolution, Enable / Disable screen saver
- Adjust (Audio): Volume, Toggle sound
- During the execution of the application you can:
- Search for channels using keywords
- Update the channel list
- Schedule automatic termination of the program
- Lets tune: broadcast TV channels, international channels, radio stations national, international radio stations, videos on YouTube
- Sort channels: Country / Region Themes / Genres

Supported Operating System(s): Windows 2K, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 7

Developers Websites: 


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