Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FileSeek: Fast and Free File Search for Windows

Have you ever needed to find a file buried somewhere in your computer? Have you ever needed to find a specific string of text inside a file? There are no Windows built-in utilities to perform the desktop search efficiently and fast. But FileSeek can do all these specified tasks, and much more.

FileSeek is lightning fast, small and super easy to use. It can even be integrated right into the Windows Explorer right-click menu to provide quick and easy access. FileSeek doesn’t use background indexing, so when FileSeek is closed your computer’s performance won’t be affected.

Main Features:

* Search for text string matches inside any kind of file
* Match Regular Expressions inside any kind of file
* Search a folder and all of its sub-folders
* Match 1 or more file patterns, like *.jpg, file?.txt or anything else you can imagine
* Exclude 1 or more file patterns from your search, like *.exe or *.dll
* Filter results by the last modified date
* Never indexes files in the background

You have to options of the system use: with program installer and absolutely portable version, not requiring installation on Hard Drive.


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