Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LiberKey Freeware Package of Portable Applications for your USB Drive

With growing amount of the available software for different purposes, your computer becomes eventually overloaded with multiple programs, you use occasionally. Definitely, you can uninstall the programs you do not have to use at the moment, but some of them lack a clean un-installation process, leaving unneeded orphan files and drivers on your Hard Drive. Besides, by the Murphy Law, as soon as you remove the utility, you will need it right away. One of the solutions, you may like, is having a descent collection of the portable utilities stored on your Hard Disks or on your external USB drive. You can use the programs as you like, when you like and how you like, with no need to install them on your PC. In case of the USB storage, you can have your portable toolbox you can easily transfer between multiple computers at home, at work, or at Internet Café.

While the idea is attractive, you may find that gathering good collection of the useful programs will take significant amount of time and efforts. LiberKey developers are doing the hard work of the software hand-picking for you. LiberKey is a portable software package with user-friendly integrated start menu that includes hundreds portable applications in all areas of virtual life, covering the basic essential needs of the average computer user. The suite installation is completely automated, and you can choose from three different packages: Basic Package, containing 12 programs (131 MB on disk); Standard Package, containing 88 programs (517 MB on disk); and Ultimate Package, containing 163 programs (683 MB on disk). If you are looking for additional portable freeware application, which has not been included in one of the conventional packages, mentioned above, you may find it in more comprehensive catalog, and you may add it to the downloads, creating your own, unique, customized suite.

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Lifehacker points out, in its review, that all the applications are neatly divided into categories with sub-categories distinguishing their uses. If you've been hesitant to load up a flash drive with software for a friend because you're afraid they'll never figure out what half the programs do or even know where to look, the LiberKey menu system is an optimal solution. You'll find Firefox under Internet/Browser/Firefox, KeePass under Security/Password Manager/KeePass, and HD_Speed under System Utilities/Benchmark/Hard Disk/HD_Speed. They might still need to read a help file here and there but at least they'll know what the heck something does.

The good thing is, that you do not have to monitor all these problems for the new versions and updates. LiberKey is doing that for you as well, offering automatic online updates and fast synchronization of the software installed on your computer with online catalog, which contains at the moment 308 free software utilities on the list.

The package is highly recommended for all users.

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