Saturday, March 30, 2013

NavFree Offline GPS Navigation for iPhone and Android

Offline Maps vs. Online Maps

Nearly all mobile devices are constantly connected to the Internet. 3G, Wifi, LTE and 4G have become standards for smartphones. This is great for many applications such as email and web browsing, and is pretty acceptable for navigation as well. But purely online map can be a problem in a certain cases, actually in all cases, where the data is not available. There are particular Google Maps tricks on how to work with online cached maps offline, but they are not reliable, and you still need data once a while at least. 

Also, online map applications requiring a constant data connection to download map data, may quickly generate large phone bills when you are roaming in another country. Navfree apps is different, it stores all the map data on-board the phone or tablet itself, meaning you don’t need to use your Internet connection to navigate saving you money when you are traveling.

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You can download safety camera warnings for almost all countries the maps are supplied for. Warnings are displayed on the navigation screen and an audio alert is given when you are approaching a camera. Having them on-board makes driving safer for you.

Main Features

Among additional positive features of the free navigation utility are:
·         Visual route prompts - have been designed to be clear and readable even on smaller phone screens.
·         Next Turn Instructions - The ‘Next Turn Diagram’ is clearly displayed for you, with the distance to the turn helping you easily navigate. Street names are accompanied with route numbers where possible.
·         Route numbers - are pronounced together with the turning instruction to match signposting on the road
·         Route Guidance - When driving through complicated junctions sometime turn diagrams are not enough. The route guidance is designed to display the turning sequence directly on crystal clear maps, and even auto-zoom on the junction as you approach to make it easier for you to see the correct route. You will also hear audio prompts while approaching a turning, thus giving you time to take the right lane.
·         Intelligent Night mode - Driving in the evening is not easy with strong glare from navigation systems, this is why we have introduced intelligent night mode, which will automatically switch the maps into low-glare night mode, depending on sunset for your area and switch back to day mode in the morning.
·         Voice guidance - is one of the most important features of any GPS navigation system. It will not annoy you with endless chatter, but gives you short, clear instructions for the upcoming turn. If you are listening to the music, the app will gently fade out music while playing instructions and fade it in afterwards. Music controls are easily accessible from map view, so you don‘t need to interrupt navigation to switch between songs or start/pause music. If your car is equipped with a Bluetooth phone adapter navigation instructions will be played via car speakers.
·         Online Search - Google and Bing online search is another great feature that removes limitation of static POIs stored on your device. Search results can be shown on map, you can calculate route and drive to them or store in favorites to visit later.
·         POI Database - If you don‘t want to use data connection at all, you can use integrated POI search.
·         Multiple platforms – Application is available for Android and iOS devices.

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Developers’ website:

Saturday, March 23, 2013

ProcessKO – Free Process Terminator

ProcessKO was designed particularly for professionals and experienced users, with very good PC knowledge, however the software is easy to use and understand even for newbies. 

ProcessKO is a small multilingual tool designed to quickly kill any running or hanging process / program.

It is not uncommon amongst that the new program either doesn't function properly... or cannot be properly closed or terminated (using the Task manager). When a program freezes, operator usually calls up the task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL. Then he must find that frozen program on the list, and try to kill it.

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Now you can save few operations and time by fast and reliable process or program termination with ProcessKO.

ProcessKO does not have to be installed on the hard drive, and can be used as a portable stand-alone utility from any location, including USB thumb drive.

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Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 98.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Improving Pictures Quality with SmartDeblur

Using your smartphone for capturing valuable moments of your fast racing life is a normal development. However, occasionally, you have just a single attempt to make a photo, and it ends up being blurry because of the lack of optical zoom or poor light conditions.

The picture is not good, but you desperately need to improve it. While most graphic editors possess sharpening capabilities, they might not be able to save your artwork. And here you can try using SmartDeblur.

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The SmartDeblur is a free professional tool for restoration of the defocused and blurred images. Its algorithm is based on several de-convolutional techniques (like Wiener, Tikhonov, Total Variation).

Supported defect types:
* Out of Focus blur (with kernel deep tuning)
* Motion blur
* Gaussian blur

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Main functions:
* High speed. Processing of an image with the size of 2048*1500 pixels takes about 300ms in the Preview mode (when adjustment sliders can move). But high-quality processing may take a few minutes.
* Real-time parameters changes applying (without any preview button)
* Full resolution processing (without small preview window)
* Deep tuning of kernel parameters
* Easy and friendly user interface
* Help screen with image example

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Check multiple Gmail accounts within Firefox

Gmail is my favorite e-mail client, and that is for multiple reasons. It is free, provides a lot of space for your emails storage, offers great spam filters, and many others.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicGmail Manager Extension is a nice application, which allows you to check your e-mail directly from Firefox's toolbar. You can manage multiple accounts and receive new notifications directly to your desktop instead of having to check Gmail all the time.

The program displays account details including unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new mail snippets. You can specify at what intervals you want to check for Gmail and can customize exactly where you want to place the notifier either in your toolbar and statusbar.

Main Features

·         Manage multiple Gmail accounts.
·         Receive new mail notifications.
·         Support for Gmail hosted accounts.
·         Ability to import/export account preferences.
·         Tooltip with account details and new mail snippets.
·         One-click access for loading your Gmail account.
·         Mailto: links detection.
·         Quick mail composes for Gmail accounts.
·         Customizable icon placement in the toolbar/statusbar.

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