Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No more free cheese from LogMeIn? 4 Alternative Solutions for You!

One of the biggest players on the market of remote desktop software – LogMeIn – has decided to suspend its free option for the Remote desktop operations. Starting January 21st, 2014, if you want to use LogMeIn to log into a remote computer, remotely control it, retrieve files, or perform other actions, you’ll have to charge your account with some money.

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LogMeIn Pro accounts start at $49 per year for now. That price represents a half-off discount for existing customers. 

While another good alternative service Crossloop has recently been shut down, we still have good free services to use. So, if you do not need such access for commercial purposes, and you do not need it on a daily basis, you may be fine with keeping up with free alternatives.

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Here are a few of the alternatives you may try:
* Join.Me:
Surprisingly, the disconnected free version of LogMeIn does not affect so far another free product from the same company. It is lightweight and does not have too many features, but might work for you.


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