Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pandorian – the Better Client for Pandora

Pandorian is a clutter free, lightweight and easy to use desktop client for Pandora. It enables listening from unsupported countries with the use of a proxy. Pandora's song skipping limits are honored in order to avoid possible account flagging. Pandorian is intended for Pandora listeners who do not like to have a web browser open all the time and/or find it a hassle to setup a system-wide proxy or having to dial a VPN connection every time they would like to listen to Pandora. Alternatively, if your country is supported, simply change a setting to not use a proxy and enjoy listening.

- Change stations
- Like/ Dislike songs
- Block a song for a month (Tired of song)
- Play/ Pause current song
- Skip songs
- Large album art display
- Song/ Artist/ Album info
- BPM detection of playing song (Click on album cover to display)
- User configurable global Hot-Keys for main functions (Right-click on album cover to access)
- Global menu for quick actions and song info (ALT+M)
- Password protected Lock-Screen with album art and song info (ALT+X)
- Sleep Timer (Right-click on album cover)
- Minimize to tray
- Volume normalizing with ReplayGain info
- Volume control with hotkeys & slider (Click on song progress bar to show slider)
- Choose streaming audio quality
- Honors Pandora song skipping rules to avoid account being flagged
- Supports Pandora One accounts for higher audio quality
- Highly optimized communication with Pandora servers
- Save/reuse session & station playlists across app restarts
- Built-in proxy enabled browser to log in to Pandora website
- All connections go through proxy server
- Supports usage without a proxy if your country is supported
- See what the app is doing behind the scenes by pressing CTRL+ALT+L

- MS Windows
- MS DotNet Framework 2.0
- Proxy server account (only if your country is not supported)
- Pandora account (either free or Pandora one)


Cost: Free

Thursday, March 12, 2015

DocuFreezer – Free Professional Conversion to PDF and Image Formats

DocuFreezer is designed to convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XPS and plain text documents to PDF saving internal and external links, page layouts and fonts.

Users of DocuFreezer will benefit from numerous conversion options – the software will convert documents and PDF files to JPG, TIFF or PNG formats “freezing” the look of the original documents and protecting them from any amendments. No matter which device the document will be displayed on, it will look exactly the same.

Main Features

* Convert documents to PDF. Drag and drop your files to DocuFreezer, select PDF as the output file format and click Start. DocuFreezer will convert any number of text documents, presentations and spreadsheets to PDF automatically!

* Document imaging. DocuFreezer will release you from printing documents on paper and then scanning them to make a digital copy. The quality of output PDF or an image file will be significantly higher than the ones scanned!

* Data exchange. Same documents may have a different look depending on the operating system you use: Windows XP, Windows 8, Mac, etc. To make them platform independent convert the documents to PDF or JPEG formats.

* Convert to JPG, TIFF or PNG. DocuFreezer can convert text documents, presentations or spreadsheets to JPG, TIFF or PNG formats making the process smooth for any number of documents. df-archive-refr

* Archiving Documents. In case you need to archive documents, you should be able to open them several years after and likely on a new computer. This will be possible if you convert documents to PDF before uploading them on the backup storage.

* Publishing documents to the web. Before publishing documents and presentations on the website, convert them all to PDF or JPG – these formats are standard for data publishing and will make the documents look the same on any devices and Internet browsers.

How DocuFreezer works

In fact, all the programs, such as Microsoft Office Word, OpenOffice, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio (versions of 2007 or later), make it possible to export documents to the PDF format without the necessity to install any side applications. This is convenient, when there are just a few documents to process. Still, when there are dozens of them to be converted, the task becomes pretty tedious: you will need to handle each document individually opening it, saving it as a PDF file, close the document, open the next one, etc.

DocuFreezer is developed specifically for processing a large number of documents that need to be converted to other formats.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to Try New Operating System Risk-free?

With Windows 10 just around the corner, Microsoft are releasing 'Technical Previews' of the operating system to give people a glimpse of how it will function. Installing it comes with risks attached – it is unfinished software, after all – so if you want to try out Windows 10 before its general release, you will need emulation software like VirtualBox.

What this neat little program does is enable you to run a second operating system alongside the one already installed on your computer (provided you have paid for both, of course). That makes VirtualBox perfect for trying out different operating systems – if you want to run a Mac-only program on your Windows PC, for example.

Unlike some rivals, VirtualBox is completely free, so you get access to the full feature set for an unlimited period of time, all without paying a cent. Available features include snapshots (which allow you to 'save' the virtual OS in its current state, to be returned to later), folders that can be shared between OSes, plus you can even remotely access your virtual OS from another computer.


Range of supported systems: VirtualBox is available on all the major operating systems. This allows you to take advantage of open-source virtualization whether your platform is Mac, Windows, Linux, or Solaris. You can then run most versions of Windows, DOS, Linux, or Solaris as a virtual system.

Lots of info: One of the typical advantages of open-source software is that the user community creates a wide range of help and technical documents to assist people in the software's operation. VirtualBox is no exception, and there is ample documentation available to anyone who needs help with their VirtualBox setup.


Operating system integration: The paid virtualization solutions have much better integration between the host system and the guest operating system. For instance, using VMWare or Parallels, you can drag and drop files from one system to the other. You cannot do that with VirtualBox.

Lack of active support: Virtualization software is complicated and can easily have things go wrong with it. When this happens with a product that you are paying for, you have access to a lot of hands-on technical support. That does not exist with open-source products. If you run into a conflict, you will be stuck trying to sort it out on your own.


Sources and Additional Information:

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