Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Copying data from partially corrupted drives

Today I had a problem at work. One of the customer’s computers came corrupted. In the process of migrating the most valuable confidential customer data (of about 250 GB) to the new computer and the fresh Hard Drive, I found, to my complete un-satisfaction, that some of the customer’s files are corrupted beyond recovery. There were randomly distributed through the drive, and several attempts to copy the data "as is" failed. Usually, I prefer to copy all healthy information before stressing the HDD with any data recovery attempts. But, in choosing the healthy data to be transferred appeared to be a main challenge. You have a problem - Internet almost always gives you a free solution. Just look for it!

This time, the solution came as a freeware YCopy. Nothing fancy, but the program did exactly, what I needed from it. Program copied all the “good” files and made notes of the files that could not be copied due to the corruption. When the copy process completed, I had a detailed printable report, that I could use to attempt fixing and recovery the files, if they seem to be important, or just provide the client with a professional listing of the files which were unable to be copied. It saved a lot of time on browsing through directories and files making the best efforts to recovery an available data. And customer was really impressed by the submitted report.

Download: http://www.ruahine.com/downloads/setup.exe


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