Sunday, March 30, 2008

Make your own iPhone ringtones with ToneShop for Free

There are so many mobile phones around, that getting a unique ringtone on the mobile is not just matter of prestige, but matter of convenience, when you can immediately detect your personal call on the packed party. Frequently you are forced not just pay for the loading new ringtones to your phone in order to replace the standard built-in files, but also you need to work hard, looking for your favorite. The new freeware will help you creating ringtones from your favorite audio files, whenever you like, saving you a dollar charge for downloaded ringtone.

ToneShop is a small freeware that can create ringtones out of audio files for any phone supporting a true audio ringtone, including the Apple IPhone. You can quickly and easily select a fraction of the soundtrack to be used as a ringtone. A quality of software operations is guaranteed as ToneShip is a frontend GUI for well-known FFMPEG, the encoding engine which the majority of freeware video and audio conversion programs are based.

Software is very user-friendly and easy to understand. All you do is choose the ringtone output format, load in your original audio file, and select the output file name and location. Next, you use the play controls to listen to your audio file and locate the portion you want to become the ringtone. When you think you’ve found the starting position for your ringtone, press the Start button and the exact starting time down to the millisecond will appear in the box next to it. Repeat the procedure, when you want to pinpoint the ringtone end, pressing the Finish button. Preview your results. Now, you can manually edit the Start and Finish times by clicking in the text box and typing in new values. When the final tweaks are completed, press the Convert button and software will decode the trimmed audio track to the mobile phone recognizable format.

The software does not "invent the wheel". Everything it does can be performed by the existing on the market utilities. But, it is free, it produces a good quality ringtones, and everything you need is included in one piece of software. Give it a try!

* Any PC with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista
* 256MB of memory
* 20MB of storage (for ToneShop only, additional space might be required for audio and ringtone files)

* MP3 (MPEG1 Layer 3)
* WAV (Uncompressed PCM)
* M4A (AAC)
* WMA (Windows Media Audio)

* MP3
* AAC (M4A)
* WAV (uncompressed and ADPCM)
* AMR-WB (Nokia TrueTones)
* MMF (Yamaha SMAF)
* Apple iPhone (M4R-AAC)

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