Saturday, March 22, 2008

IcyPlayer - Portable Internet High-Quality Radio Player and Recorder

Icy Radio is a newly updated freeware player that specializes on streaming Internet radio and TV delivery over the Internet, allowing you to search hundreds of channels and save them in your favorites. It supports MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC radio streaming and it is able to play Internet TV. Player also includes an editable list of favorites and supports adding of stations and recording of streams.

You can save up to 100 favorite channels of any style of music and in addition, you can record Icy Radio broadcasts in MP3 format on your Hard Disk. Certainly, some stations sound and video quality will be better than others, depending on your bandwidth, especially for TV channels. Radio broadcasting quality of this player is one of the best on the market, but TV support option has just appeared in the latest release, so it might be better.

The good thing is that this player is using significantly lower computer resources (RAM and CPU) than any other products I tested so far. Player is indeed portable: it does not require installation, writes settings to the application folder, and stores all your recordings by default in a subdirectory of the application directory. All the tracks are named with the appropriate information, supplied by the radio station at the beginning, so it is convenient to figure out later what have you recorded.

The user interface is simple and user-friendly - you will be immediately able to figure out all the options.

Download the software from the manufacturer Web Site:


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