Friday, August 1, 2008

Free portable Savage Full Enhancement

Time for play?

Enjoy SFE – Savage Full Enhancement – free, portable (does not require installation and can be run from your USB stick in your office), multiplayer online real time strategy game. Based on the famous Savage, the game is played online with other human players. It consists of two or more teams and each team has one commander. The first player who selects the command button has the opportunity to be the team’s commander. The commander designates weapons, places buildings to be built, and commands the entire team. The team can vote to eject the current commander and can vote in a new commander if they choose. The rest of the players play the game like a first or third person shooter, they can also help build buildings and gather resources.

Game requires roughly 163MB of free space on your external or internal Hard Drive.

Developers Web Site:

Direct Link for downloading:


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