Friday, August 22, 2008

Photobie - Freeware Substitute for Photoshop

Photobie is absolutely free image editing software that would be attractive as to the fresh users as the professional photographers, if they do not need to perform extremely difficult tasks. This editor is having most features similar to what available in Photoshop, adding to the set advanced screen capture and photo frame editing. With photobie screen capture you can prepare presentation very simply.

Photobie has simple and user-friendly interface and supports multiple-layer image retouching for advanced image editing. Starting at version 2.8, Photobie even supports thousands of Photoshop filter plugins (format .8BF).

Main Features:

  • General Photo editing tool - resize, rotate, flip, color balance adjustment; copy, cut, paste, crop; selection (includes rectangle, square, oval, circle, polygon, free hand, Magic Wand; complex region using selection modes such as Single, Union, Exclude, Intersect and XOR)
  • Flash Player - Fancy player allows to play list of flash files (.swf) repeatedly and selectively.
  • Gif animation - Simply create gif animation with/without transparency.
  • Image format supported: Bmp, Png, TIF, Gif, Ico, Jpg --- support various encoding quality, and Pob - Photobie specific multi-layer image format, used to keep the work in progress for future retouching.
  • Multi-layer features - support unlimited layers; layer merge, flatten; whole layer copy, paste, clone within current image or cross images; etc.
  • Painting features - draw shapes as rectangle, square, oval, circle, line, dash line, polygon, free hand, curve, it support gradient color; fill shapes as rectangle, square, oval, circle, polygon, free hand, it support gradient color, etc.
  • Text editing - Support most system fonts; High quality text; Gradient color support; 3D text effect.
  • Screen Capture - Support Screen Capture hotkeys, you can setup up to 8 hotkeys for screen capture, you can set the hotkey to capture full screen or active window.
  • Framing - Photobie simplifies the digital photo framing process. You can design your favorite frame template and then apply to other photos quickly.
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