Monday, August 18, 2008

Music Collection Manager and Organizer - All-in-One - TheGodFather

The GodFather freeware music collection management software will bring order for the audio files scattered on your Hard Drive. You are able to rename tracks, update tags, restructure files on hard disk, create or merge play lists, encode-decode with various codecs, such as LAME/Ogg Vorbis/MpcEnc, export/import to/from file, play music, use & databases, catalog your collection in a structured library ...

Among the software features are:

  1. Batch files renaming
    -User defined Formats using Tag fields, File/Folder name or Tokens, Mpeg bitrate/mode as variables.
    -Powerful case conversion.
    -Replacement matrix.
    -Smart filters enable you to have only the files that are potentially wrong listed for renaming.
    -Undo function present.
  2. Batch Tag update.
    -Supports both ID3v1 & ID3v2.
    -Supports Ogg Vorbis comments.
    -Supports APEv2 tags.
    -Select specific fields to be updated.
    -Use File/Folder tokens, Tag variables to create tag information.
    -Filter files by the existence of tags or even by the existence of specific fields.
    -Update either Tag or all of them.
    -Use of the replacement matrix.
    -Update tags by copying/moving or auto synchronizing one to the other.
    -Batch process of pictures/lyrics (export, delete or both).
  1. Manual / single file editor.
  1. Organize.
    -Easily create/merge play lists with preview support or simply find and listen to your favorite music.
    -Encode/decode your files with LAME,Ogg Vorbis or mpcenc.
    -Restructure the files on your hard disk (copy, move, or create shortcuts).
    -Find duplicate files using smart and aggressive detection.
  1. Play your mp3’s.
    -Internal player with 16 band equalizer.
    -Display tag info/lyrics/pictures while playing, option to display pictures from folders.
    -Automatically search
  1. Album/filename rename & update using or, Amazon, and custom sites.
    -Full text search support (freeDb), Disk ID generated from the files in the folder or usage of the original CD-ROM supported.
    -Album/Artist filters (freeDb, text search).
    -Auto sort according to duration.
    -Auto match according to Tag/Filename.
    -Amazon image grabber.
  1. Catalog your files in a powerful library.
    -Store cover art and up to 4 pictures per album.
    -Store detailed info for each artist like bio, and misc other info, pictures etc.
    -Use allmusic to retrieve the above data effortlessly.
    -Export to xls, HTML, play list files.
  1. General
    -Search in local or network locations.
    -File mask support including wildcards (*?).
    -Sub folder support.
    -Smart ID3 Tag detection in case of both being present.
Download (from CNET):


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