Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Portable Synchronizer for Files and Directories

SyncEXP is a small and powerful piece of Windows application that can synchronize files and folders within a LAN or a single PC on the fly. It works fast and provides multiple synchronization options. It is free from dll and can be run from USB disk. No installation to the client computer is ever required. It works even if software installs are prohibited. When USB disk is pulled out, the synchronizer detaches from the computer.

Software is characterized by functions of checking existence/time/date/size of items, optimized file comparison algorithm, automatic activity log, progress report window, and ability to preview of the action. And, as you understand, the software is ultimate freeware.

Operating system supported for SyncEXP include Win9x, ME, 2000 , NT and XP.

Visit Developer Website: http://syncexp.com/

Direct Downloading Link: http://bit.ly/syncing


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