Saturday, September 6, 2008

Safe USB Drive Removal with EjectUSB

I am in love with portable applications, and I use them whenever available. However, there is one inconvenience in their use. You cannot just remove your USB drive from the computer; you need to disconnect it first. And this small step occasionally causes headache, especially if you have multiple USB devices connected to you computer. First, you need to identify which one you need to request from Windows to be disconnected. And than you might get refusal by ask you “to come later”. It is annoying and unpleasant step.

EjectUSB is a simple utility that can be used to quickly close all running programs from a USB device and then eject the drive for safe removal. Eject USB will automatically attempt to close all running applications on the drive it was launched from. In addition EjectUSB will close explorer windows and remove registry entries and recent document shortcuts referencing a specific USB device or folder. This tool makes for a great way to ensure your drive is safely un-mounted and programs are completely closed before physical removal.

Watch Flash Video, demonstrating the utility operation here.

Get more details on the newly released software version 1.3 from the developer Website:


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