Saturday, September 13, 2008

Your Boss Will Never Find Out!

Dexpot is simple, free for personal use, portable virtual desktop manager. The idea behind dexpot is clear and straightforward. Your desktop became too small for you, or you want organize your different activities by choosing different desktops. For example, as a blogger, I need one set of icons and programs, readily available for my use, as MBA student, I need another set of utilities, and as weekend relaxed computer user, I would need completely different applications.

Huge advantage of creating virtual desktops even more visible if you share your computer with other family members, and you do not want to create different access accounts.

Dexpot offers up to 19 additional work spaces to spread out your work. Instead of one desktop you get 20! And it is without changing any computer settings, and with no additional load on the computer resources.

Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME and NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista Beta (incl. x64).

Implementation environment: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 SP6.

Product is Free for Personal Use only.

Developers Web site:

One more advantage of using Dexpot in the office is presented in the clip below:


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